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PostSubject: WHAT DO YOU MOST LOVE AT THE EACH MUGEN CREATOR?   March 19th 2017, 9:11 pm


Chuchoryu = the innovation to make non existent mugen characters.

gladiacloud = the accuracy to build a char like an authentic CPS2 mode.

WizzyWhipitWonderful = the mastersound fingers of the mugen world,he captures the essence of arcade sound.

arkady = the valorization that he gives to your char selection and efforts to make it.

bam77 = the expert sprites buildt with many efforts.

CVSartist = the creativity to make different things and the sprite manipulation.

LESSARD = I´m sure the great talent of him is to make new moves like your trademark,,a person very helpful.

armin_iuf = an inexplicable talent to draw virtual chars in 2d.

zox = this guy has the capacity to make sprites very polished and vibrant.

ZVitor = this creator has a huge content with a great quality of gameplay.

o ilusionista = he has many experience at openbor and to make edit of characters.

doom = one of the most educated people in the mugenworld,he is always helping with anything.

logansam = a  dedicated creator of the DC World. your chars are very well sprited.

loganir = creator of amazing chars and stages, an old legend of mugen.

volzilla = always searching for new topics to let this forum still more interesting. (  04 the boss)

fede de 10 = really a helpful friend,very creative to make his ideias.

Fabry Taz = our hero to make MK chars,very talented with sprites and edits.

andywho = a very enthusiastic person and always helps with something.


don´t worry....this list will go on growing up....help me adding your friends and because you admire your type of talent.
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PostSubject: Re: WHAT DO YOU MOST LOVE AT THE EACH MUGEN CREATOR?   March 20th 2017, 4:36 am

Arkady : the creativity
Bam777 : mastery of big bosses
Chuchoryu : devotion
LESSARD : his perfection
armin_iuf  his great drawings

ZVitor his high quality creations

volzilla his haunting of great ideas

doom his patience

ilusionista his powerful chars wiz perfect codes

Fe de 10  his simple but awesome creations
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Location : In your wildest mugen Dreams

PostSubject: Re: WHAT DO YOU MOST LOVE AT THE EACH MUGEN CREATOR?   March 20th 2017, 9:05 am

Wow what can I say, Mazemerald say it everything ... thanks for put me in the list bro.    

Mazemerald: A very kind person, good friend and always helpful, for your chars ans stages, its an honor to help him

Chuchoryu: My homie has a great talent for spriting and creating innexistent chars. you rocks hermanito

gladiacloud: for the heritage of his MVC template and his creations

arkady: for his great quality chars, amazing  

bam77: his spriting are superb and his creations, always kind, friendly and encourage us to became better.  

CVSartist: One of my most admired spriters an creator, thanks for share your incomparable works  

armin_iuf: a very talented spriter, faster coder and for almost complete the EX roster. Amazing!!  

zox: the quality of his sprites and animations its like capcom people has draw his chars. a very talented creator.  

ZVitor: another sprites "CAPCOM quality" his chars with color separation are incredible, besides as for me as a Lover of Beat´em up games his openbor games has not equal.

o ilusionista: one of the first mugen creators i know, all his works for mugen and openbor are incredible    

doom: my dear bro, He give me GREAT support when i start in the forum and probably the biggest fan of my Shin Ryu project, always encourage me to keep on. A freindly and cool bro. who always ready to helping and support.  clap

logansam: Great spriter and coder his DC chars aer amazing, simply amazing another sprites "CAPCOM quality" creator  

loganir: a great creator of mugen and stages he´s ben in the mugen world for a very long time. thanks for all

volzilla: Our New bew "Boss" = For me an admired figure of the mugen universe, you rocks bro clap  clap

fede de 10: a cerator creative, and ready to helping bro another a helpful friend,very creative to make his ideias.

Fabry Taz: Very talented with spriter and respinsable to bring great mortal kombat chars in 2D. Thaks  

skhsato123. For the edit ideas for new chars, keep the way bro. (keep improving spriting i know you will became better)

Carnage777: another homie, with great ideas and responsable for brin us MK 2D Sony and Jax. Thanks bro.

vyn: for his great Evil Ryu (SF3) char who inspire me to break my shell and became a real mugen creator. thanks bro really thanks.    

Sorry if i forgot someone, but all the people in MMV have something to share to erichment the mugen exerience.

clap  clap  clap  for all of you people:

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Posts : 2916
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Age : 27
Location : Adelaide - South of Australia - Capcom Stuff Maker

PostSubject: Re: WHAT DO YOU MOST LOVE AT THE EACH MUGEN CREATOR?   March 20th 2017, 6:53 pm

laspacho = mvc chars and sprites with megaman games.

beximus = great gamma of chars and a good project.

tank402 = amazing sprites and projects to new chars.

Angelus_Silverhead = complex chars and well done.

galactus = great chars and projects.

skhsato123 = great sprites and ideas for new chars.

trololo = chars really well done and good codings.

animaraz = chars very good and mugen support.

topper = nice new chars and edits.

varo_hades = great chars and sweet edits.

yolomate = excellent conversions.

kyoman = colors really well done for a huge variety of chars.

borewood2013 = good projects and good codings.
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Join date : 2014-08-22

PostSubject: Re: WHAT DO YOU MOST LOVE AT THE EACH MUGEN CREATOR?   March 20th 2017, 9:54 pm

O Ilusionista : I love magic that he puts an all that he does. If he makes a char from simple rock, it will definitely be a great char. I love everything he codifies and his good taste in creating.
chuchoryu & armin_iuf : I love the originality of his works ... and his speed to work !! They are a genius !!
zombiebrock & tony spector : I love to see your pallets !!
ELECTRO : I love all of your stages ... They are incredible !!
Dynatron : I love that he is always willing to give useful and extensive feedbacks.
WlanmaniaX : I love all of your original cartoon chars !!
Arkady, Shining & skhsato123 : I love your passion for creating. You are very inspiring.
Dj luke : I love that he is always sharing with the new stages community. He is a tireless creator too.
Fabry Taz : I love all his original creations, but especially his MK project, since I share that passion too.
fede de 10 : I love his patience to edit and improve difficult sprites to work with.
NamelessOnlinePlayer, yolomate & I-Skorp-I : I love that you are always here to give life to the forum.
TK830515 : I love that you always participate in the forum sharing your videos.
bam77, FlavioCamarao & alejandro iaccarino : I love all his works. All the creations that you make are very original works.
LESSARD : I love your talent to make sprites, I love your education to communicate and that's always willing to help.
Zox : I love his sprites. His ability to draw is unique.
thatbloke78 : I love his avatars with which he decorated our entire forum.
animaraz : I love your passion for MUGEN,  your trajectory, and of course, your friendship.
Mazemerald : I love your passion for MUGEN and for helping. I love all the tips you post.
borewood2013 : I love many things about you. You are a bunch of virtues. Great connoisseur of codes, a great forum poster, always willing to help, in short ... you are my game partner in the forum ... XD
volzzilla : I love his talent to unite people and direct the forums. He always be my example to follow when it comes to social relationships in forums. Thank you for all you have taught me.

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PostSubject: Re: WHAT DO YOU MOST LOVE AT THE EACH MUGEN CREATOR?   March 21st 2017, 2:04 am

It is almost impossible for me to make a list and talk about all those people in the mugen community that I admire. Spriters, coders, creators of pals, screenpacks, etc .... and to all those who with their good words motivate to continue in this good hobby that is M.U.G.E.N. I just have to say THANK YOU. ilu
Maybe then I try to make a list of all those people. yes cheers
Me es casi imposible hacer una lista y hablar de toda esa gente de la comunidad mugen a la que admiro. Spriters, codificadores, creadores de paletas, screenpacks, etc.... y a todos los que con sus buenas palabras motivan para continuar en este buen hobby que es M.U.G.E.N. Solo me queda decir GRACIAS a todos ellos. ilu
A lo mejor luego intento hacer una lista de toda esa gente. yes cheers
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Age : 19
Location : Mexico City

PostSubject: Re: WHAT DO YOU MOST LOVE AT THE EACH MUGEN CREATOR?   March 21st 2017, 8:00 pm

@Doom wrote:

♦️ NamelessOnlinePlayer, yolomate & I-Skorp-I : I love that you are always here to give life to the forum.

Why, thank you! Even though I'm not a creator. But I really appreciate your comment. ilu

Now, my turn:
Arkady: He always comes with new ideas for characters, touching both characters that haven't been done, and characters that could easily have another version. It's thanks to his characters that I decided to come up here.
Beximus: Top notch creator in the MvC style.
Gladiacloud: Top notch spriter in the CPS2 style.
O Ilusionista and ZVitor: Both have done pretty awesome works in both MUGEN and OpenBOR. Bigger shout out to ZVitor because it's thanks to his game: Marvel First Alliance, that I knew about BOR.
WizzyWhipitWonderful: His songs a freaking awesome.
LESSARD, bam77, logansam and Angelus_Silverhead: Very talented creators. Bringing new and creative ideas.
Borewood and Doom: You've done so much to make this forum what it is now. Always helping to make this forum active.
Volzzilla: I'm very thankful to him for everything he's done for this site, and because he's also been a good friend to me (same applies for a lot of people here).
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PostSubject: Re: WHAT DO YOU MOST LOVE AT THE EACH MUGEN CREATOR?   March 21st 2017, 9:12 pm

@NamelessOnlinePlayer wrote:
@Doom wrote:

♦️ NamelessOnlinePlayer, yolomate & I-Skorp-I : I love that you are always here to give life to the forum.

Why, thank you! Even though I'm not a creator. But I really appreciate your comment.  ilu

I am aware that some of you are not creators, but I wanted to use this thread to say what I like about all the people I admire. Razz
Although obviously my list is not complete. There are more people that I admire but I have forgotten at that moment, or they are not in activity, or they are not very well known in this forum.
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PostSubject: Re: WHAT DO YOU MOST LOVE AT THE EACH MUGEN CREATOR?   March 25th 2017, 4:49 pm

All MMV MUGEN creators/authors are so great that everything they do is so wonderful!

I am not going to repeat the already mentioned ones, here is my list   :

volzzilla - after I rage-quite MFG in late 2011 and joined MFFA (Ryon was my MUGEN Father) in 2013 then later left MFFA, all of a MUGEN sudden I thought no where to go, just in time volzzilla invited me to the GREAT MMV here in 2014! ilu By the way, I like volzzilla's "Construction of Master Mold" MUGEN stage the most! yes

Doom - the same MUGEN reasons like yours  yes

Angelus_Silverhead - I admire your passion to Superman very much!    Not to mention your spriting skill is so cool!  sunny

Ryon - my MUGEN Father, who was willing to take a banished MUGEN refugee me in 2013, has long been inspiring me in the MUGEN senses, like, his Raging Akuma was my SF4 mugenization inspiration!

chuchoryu-sama - wholly molly just nobody in the MUGEN World can have as much MUGEN Passion as chuchoryu-sama does! Exclamation and he is able to deal with all those long-time MUGEN e-bashing/e-haunting/e-trolling/e-bullying/e-pissing-you-off-on-purpose bad deeds with ease, oh man I just want to be immune to those reckless and heartless MUGEN people like how chuchoryu-sama does, yet I fail big time............ ......

Big O Ilusionista - one of the MUGEN Elders who has MUGEN and non-MUGEN skills in just many different areas! I am so touched by him for what he has long been doing hard for contributing his excellent MUGEN stuff for the sake of the country he loves tears of joy

ZombieBrock - he is one of the very few MUGEN creators who tries to accept and understand my MUGEN style that too many MUGEN people hate down to their guts, also ZombieBrock has once broken the number of MUGEN palettes made by one (1) MUGEN man clap

Boomer - he is the only reason I was into OMK (Ougon Musou Kyoku) mugenization, not to mention Boomer and I are both Chinese yay~ cheers

Warusaki3 - the Japanese MUGEN god, everybody knows of their MUGEN merit, no need to explain for more geek

Phantom of the Server (PotS) - the Portuguese MUGEN god, everybody knows of their MUGEN merit, no need to explain for more geek

GM - for having mugenized my favorite SF boss - SF3.3 Gill - he is my all-times MUGEN Idol! ilu

Orbinaut/Shift b is B/Mr. I - for his MUGEN interest in my previous SF4 character making improvement and continuation......... Basketball

Vans - KOF expert who has been trying to prove the MUGEN World that source-game-accuracy is possible in MUGEN geek

Kamekaze - his "make 100 MUGEN characters" MUGEN Goal is very noble.... yes

Inverse - for mugenizing a Mauru from Waku Waku 7 that could be more fun than the source game! Exclamation

Mouser - I love his mugenized World Heroes the most! kirby

Cybaster - for letting me once use his saying, "when making things for mugen, you please yourself first"  geek

Jesuszilla - even he has been looking down on me, I admire his Capcom expertise in MUGEN, and I remember this of his MUGEN statements the most => "it took me a whole year to mugenize my Felicia"

RajaaBoy - even he has had MUGEN bias about me, I admire his custom and accurate MUGEN stuff very much geek

ahuron - when many MUGEN people dislike you, I like you yes

sakuraka - my Taiwanese MUGEN friend who mugenized many interesting SailorMoon MUGEN stuff! Smile

mass - without your mugenized Golden Axe The Duel Milan, there won't be my MUGEN version of Kain Blade and Golden Axe

Gladiacloud - only a short yet the most meaningful sentence about him => "making many MUGEN Dreams come true"! bub drop da bomb  pikachu

KSzsk - his MUGEN version of Kabuki Klash Manjimaru is the best and when I was in the old now-dead MUGENChina, he took care of me quite a bit!

Juano16 - wholly molly MKII is my favorite MK and his mugenized MK2 Shang Tsung is my favorite MK character in MUGEN!

Reu - just two (2) words are very enough => Dragon Claw

warner - MUGEN cartoon stuff cannot be without him! No

AIDUZZI - his "Ella" has made my "Sakako" MUGEN Dream come true! cheers

malevka1 - I like your MUGEN style and you manage to stick to what you really want to get from MUGEN! kirby

.............well, my MUGEN list is still growing..........stay tuned! Wink

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PostSubject: Re: WHAT DO YOU MOST LOVE AT THE EACH MUGEN CREATOR?   March 28th 2017, 6:26 am

Let me continue my MUGEN list (sorry but I want to make a new reply rather than a post edit.... Embarassed ):

Varia the Hunter - I think nobody shall forget this pioneer of XNALara-to-MUGEN conversion Idea

Kohaku & Sennou-Room - for mugenized many DBFC (Denkegi Bunko Fighting Climax) characters which I cannot try in the DBFC source game because I don't have any Wii/PS3/4/V...

Websta - for mugenized many Undernight In-Birth characters which I cannot try in the Undernight In-Birth source game because I don't have any Wii/PS3/4/V...

SXVector & YU-TOHARU - for mugenizing some interesting OMK (Ougon Musou Kyoku) stuff!  bounce

armin_iuf - just look at his wondefully unique MUGEN works that greatly help bring more and more Resident Evil/Counter Strike/Street Fighter EX/side scrolling action bonus games....etc...... clap

Valgallah - for his MUGEN interest in 2DFM95 stuff like I do (in these recent MUGEN years for me)!

Zzyzzyxx aka Rimu - without his mugenized TRF2 (The Rumble Fish 2) system, I wouldn't probably even try to mugenize a TRF2 Beatrice & Greed.......... No

ShinRyoga & Neo Ankh - their mugenized Super Mario is a MUGEN legend! king

WlanmaniaX - cartoon MUGEN relying on you man! Wink

AlphA - for mugenizing a unique Biped (I bet very few MUGEN folks here know of this now-rarely-known MUGEN gem....) farao

Fervicante - anybody still remember how awesome his mugenized Yurika/Hinata/Lucy are? Question

kumomaru - for having mugenized the Four Sinistrals of one of my favorite SNES RPGs -- Lufia!

otz-kai - for mugenizing a cool Splatterhouse Rick  Cool

Foxtlot - for having mugenized the R-9 of one of my favorite side-scrolling shooting games -- R-Type

Hirohiro - I don't know but I just feel this mugenized Tanegashima Yuri has all the fun elements an interesting MUGEN character should/shall have! Very Happy

brucewayne74 - come on, if you haven't tried out his awesome Super Robot Wars MUGEN stuff, then give it a try now!

Ryou Win - I like how he usually tries something new in MUGEN whenever the resources are limited to him!

ikaruga - for his wonderful Chaos Breaker/Dark Awake MUGEN products! cheers

Doggiedoo - his Warzard/Red Earth MUGEN stuff is just top-notch!  king

AOAO - without his Samurai Deeper Kyo MUGEN stuff I wouldn't probably even try to mugenize any Samurai Deeper Kyo stuff..... riiiggghhht

Infinite - his mugenized Deadpool is just so awesome man! jokers laugh

R@ce - his mugenized Batsu is just so awesome man! jokers laugh

ELECTRO - super MUGEN creativity in the nutshell man! clap

Dj luke - sticking to his own unique MUGEN style very much! yes

Tradt-Production - MUGEN Mission Impossible!

Mazemerald - hey man your MUGEN screenpacks/motifs are among the best!

Elecbyte - for making the most important MUGEN character ever -- KFM (Kung Fu Man) -- for their great MUGEN Engine! 02 03 04 punch
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PostSubject: Re: WHAT DO YOU MOST LOVE AT THE EACH MUGEN CREATOR?   October 17th 2017, 9:22 am

Here is my list (arranged according to Mugen engine aka from Dos to Mugen 1.1):

Dos Era:
VK: His Gouki was the best character in the old Dos Mugen version 2000.01.01
MystikBlaze: His Evil Ryu is a beast in Dos Mugen era
Gargoyle: His Capcom vs. SNK's Geese Howard can defeat overpowered characters like Evil Ryu by MystikBlaze, Evil Ryu and Evil Ken by Reu back in the Dos era
Sunboy: I like his Black Heart
Spolde: I like his Iceman and Strider
Big Eli King: Best Venom he has ever created in Mugen, as well as Dark Chun-Li
Reu: He was the greatest Mugen legend ever and was from the same country as me
SystemID & Ckenni: I like his Sogetsu Kazama
KGenjuro: created great Samurai Spirit characters, his Ukyo Tachibana is pretty fun which I played as in my first Mugen game
NeoGouki: I like his Joe Higashi which I have played in my first Mugen game
MMR: I like his Marco Rodriguez
3ha: His Bishamon made me like Bishamon in Vampire Savior and the cool part is that he can transform to Galford and Jin Saotome's Blodia mode
Orochi Herman: I love his Setsuna, Shinnosuke Kagami and Shadow Dio.
Third: He made several fighting game boss characters especially his Shinnosuke Kagami was my best favorite. I hope he would released his Original Zero which was one of his WIP and look promising at that time
Jun: He created a cool looking Gouki edit which was Ogre who has many different moves from other characters
MIT: His edits are interesting such as Chris-Type-M and Yasanagi
Yong Ming: Another Mugen talent from my country who created some King of Fighters' characters
Sander 71113: I like his old version of Iori Yagami that had Mature and Vice watching the match.
O ilusionista & Ethan Lives: I love their Special Operation's characters

Rou Hei's Mugen (Old Window Mugen):
Gonzo: He created several kof bosses.
Ahuron: All his characters are pretty creative.
Warusaki3: Best Capcom vs. SNK 2's characters that he ever created. Even though I am no fan of edited characters, he managed to make me likes them which his skills in creating Capcom vs. SNK 2's style characters. I like his Kuroko, Hayato Kanzaki and Jill Valentine. He created some other characters that aren't Capcom vs. SNK 2. I like his Final Dio even though I did not play Jojo Bizarre Adventure before and would love to main him as my first character if I have a chance to play that game.
H': Same as Warusaki3, I heard he gave Warusaki3 his resources for his characters such as the power gauge. I like his Sagat and Red Arremer.
Y.Y: His Hol Horse was the reason and his Robo Ky are pretty Innovative as well.
GM: created near accurate creations like Street Fighter 3 and Garou Mark of the Wolves.
Umihei: Before Rajaaboy create Urien, I always use his Urien.
Abuhachi: Same reason as GM and he created many boss characters as well. I love his Ryuji Yamazaki.
Tora: His Geese Howard is my sole reason, he has a hidden mode that can activate his Nightmare Mode permanently.
HSR: He created Setsuna, my best favorite Last Blade's character.
3ha: He created characters for window Mugen as well which play as innovative as always. I love his Zangeese and Lenja most.
Beximus: Even though he did not create any of my favorite characters, I like what he is doing. His Capcom Universe: Nexus of Heroes is my best favorite Mugen game of all.
Mouser: I like his MvC2 characters especially he created Ryu, Ken and Gouki.
Sekirei: His Ryo, Robert and Takuma are the reasons, as well as his Geese Howard.
Ikaruga: After he started to create characters from source game like Kof98, Kof2002um, KOFXI etc, I became a fan of him. A pity that his characters cause problem for Mugen 1.0/1.1 engine. He has no issues in Rou Hei's window Mugen.
Ohgaki: He created many great Last Blade characters as well as edited King of Fighter characters. I like his Seiryu Kaede best.
Hal: Just like Ohgaki, he created great Last Blade characters as well which rival Ohgaki's characters. His Awaken Shinnosuke Kagami is my best favorite. Sadly that he often reject me to follow him in his twitter for no reason.
Muteki: Created all Guilty Gear XX characters. I like his Robo-Ky most.
Akutagawa: I like his Order-Sol most.
Neat Unsou: I have not played Sengoku Basara-X until I play as his Date Masamune as my first Sengoku Basara-X character and find him fun to play as.
Gal129&Rei: He created many types of characters such as Capcom vs. SNK 2's characters, Vampire Savior's characters, Sengoku Basara-X's characters and so on. His characters can be glitchy if used in newer version of Mugen. I like Oda Nobunaga which makes him become my second main character if I play Sengoku Basara-X.
Doogiedoo: Blade is cool character from Warzard and fun to use in Mugen.

Mugen 1.0:
Pots: I like his Geese Howard and he inspired many Mugen creators in his creations.
Divinewolf: He created Sagat and Gouki. His characters are still playable in old window Mugen.
Jesuszilla: I like how he aims to create characters as accurate to source fighting game although I don't really like his attitude in replying to members' threads sometimes.
Vans: He shares several information about Mugen creations especially his KOF characters.
Koopakoot: I like his KOF Interactive tutorial which makes me get interested in wanting to create KOF characters. I wished many Mugen creators would create characters' tutorial like him.
Websta: I like his Neogeo Battle Coliseum especially his Kaede who is my main character in Neogeo Battle Coliseum. I hope he would return to complete all Neogeo Battle Coliseum characters.
Rajaaboy:  I like his Street Fighter 3's characters. His Urien is god like to me.
R@ceAkir@: I like his Rasetsumaru
Falcon Rapper: I like how he converts KOF characters into Infinite style characters
Shiyo Kakuge/Tatsu: His stages and tag patch that he made for Mugen are frickin cool
RedHot: He is trying to convert all Marvel vs. Capcom 2's characters  cheers I am always looking forward to his creations
ShinZankuro: I like his works. His Gouki is my best favorite in his MvC style.
Omegapsycho: I like his Mortal Kombat characters. I am looking forward to all his Mortal Kombat characters especially his Chameleon MK2 style, Shang Tsung MK2 and UMK3/Trilogy.
YamoriX: I like all her works

Mugen 1.1:
Mr. Ansatsuken: His Gouki is my best favorite    I hope he return to add Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 mode to his Gouki  Cool

Borewood: He helped me with Orochi by Orochi Herman's problem in Mugen Free For All forum and his topics in forum are pretty interesting
Kong: Amazing Characters' Sprite ripper and he helped me with a character's problem
OldGamer: I like his stuffs and his Mugen tutorials on stages, lifebar, screenpack and so on
Farram: I like his Mugen Roster and videos Cool
Swagga Kings: I enjoy watching his Mugen matches where he challenge against his friends

Thats' all, I hope I did not miss anything cyclops

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PostSubject: Re: WHAT DO YOU MOST LOVE AT THE EACH MUGEN CREATOR?   October 17th 2017, 2:31 pm


clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
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