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 Jatz' Final Battle!

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PostSubject: Jatz' Final Battle!   April 19th 2013, 2:15 am

0:00-0:38 "All hope is lost, about to give-up searching..."

0:39-1:02 "Wait, what is that in the fog? ... Please... Let it be him..."

1:03-1:27 "Ya! Haha! It's Him!"

After establishing the dark figure shadowed in the abyss was, indeed, Ashkuria of the Seahawk, he prepared his cannons for war. Derek (his fanboy/loyal crew member) by his side, he would forever end the life and adventures of this God-awful creature. "My temper is uglier than this thing I've become! Keep That In Mind, You Barnacle Farm!" Jatz shouted from the control-center of his ship. Unimpressed, Ashkur decided it was time to finish him and his little Derek, off for good. Jatz was looking through the scope, trying to angle a direct shot to Ashkur's face. "Ugh... And, I thought I was ugly... I'm probably gonna do this piece of mold a favor... What!? No! Nyeh! Snap Out Of It, And Let's Give A Slow And Soul-Crushing Death To This Thing!!" Jatz was filled over the top with rage. Revenge was the only thing on his mind at this point. Desperately wanting to help, Derek distracted Jatz, whilst he was angling a shot. Jatz: "I don't need help! Go somewhere safe!" Derek: "If you're gonna get hurt or die, I'm not going to stand here and let it happen! I'll die with ya, James! You're my hero!" Jatz: "Captain's orders! Go! Go! Go! (POW!) Gyahhh!!! I'm hit!! Derek! Go! NOW!!" Derek ran away, squinting his eyes, with a tear running down his cheek. He wants to assist his captain so badly, he's willing to risk his own life for his captain's. Jatz fired four cannonballs, but because he was distracted by Derek, he missed every shot. Jatz: "Derek!! I Need More Cannonballs! STAT!!" Derek: "There aren't anymore!! Please!! Let me help!!" Jatz: "..... I've fired all but one... Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh...." Derek: "W-what are you doing? What Are You Doing!!??" Jatz laughed maniacally as he sliced into his wrist, cutting his own hand off. With it still attached to the ball, he loaded it into his cannon. Jatz: "Ya wanna help so damn bad, Kid?... Aim... I need to rest... Runnin..low...." Derek lined-up a shot at Ashkur's face. Derek: "There... After this, I'll call someone, and they can help you, ok? Just be strong... I won't let you die, I won't! I Can't!" Jatz: "Ohh, save your bleeding heart for the sick and dying, I'm a tough, little, munchkin... FIRE!!" Jatz fired his cannonball at Ashkur's face... Only to have it stick in the side of his ship. Jatz: "Please shoot it back... Give it back... I need it back... Come on..." Ashkuria did fire it back to them... But, this wa after toying with them for a little while. Ashkur made it to where it seemed as though he was never going to shoot it back, but when Jatz went to look through the scope once more... The cannonball was once again headed for his face. In slow-motion, he went flying back with the force! His skull was broken inward, with his eye flickering on and off. Derek: "No! No!! NO!!! CAPTAIN!!!" Shakily, Jatz reached out and lightly grabbed Derek by the back of the head... Jatz: "... Ya can dismantle a corpse... But, a soul... Is eternal...."

Jatz will be missed...

0:40-1:15 "Trying to convince Derek to leave."

1:16-1:43 "Now, let's see what that bastard's up to..."

0:00-4:23 "Jatz gets hit with cannonball/slowly slipping away to the heavens."
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Posts : 2439
Join date : 2012-12-02
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Jatz' Final Battle!   April 19th 2013, 3:43 pm

Title changed from Captain James Jonathan Jackson's Final Battle to Jatz' Final Battle! ^^ Why? Very Happy Not sure. ^___^
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Jatz' Final Battle!
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