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 Fukuro One Piece

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PostSubject: Fukuro One Piece    October 23rd 2016, 12:15 am

Today, I bring this funny character: Fukuro! He's member of the World Government's organization, CP9. Well, as every CP9 he use the Rokushiki techniques: Shigan,Tekai,Soru,Geppou,Rankyaku and Kamie. So I put all this techniques in this char because the other CP9 members have unique traits, somes have Devil Fruits, some have Seimei Kikan, but Fukuro doesn't have any of these two. As you can see in his gameplay, you can make a lot of combos with his Soru techniques. He's a master of Soru technique, so I had to make his moves based on it.

As Franky said, Fukuro is pretty good at running away,based on this phrase I made Fukuro's gameplay. You can avoid attacks, or defend yourself using Tekkai,Kamie, Soru or Geppo. His "C" button , is the same as Wenchu's Kuro, but there's one difference. When you punch,kick, or use jugon or jugong ryuken if you press "C" you can immediately use Soru(in the case of Kick you have to press C 2x). So you can make new combos, or just avoid the enemy's attacks. And there's another technique which I liked too. It's Kamie. You can avoid enemy's attacks for a short period of time, after that you have to wait to use this technique again.

And the base of Fukuro sprite was made by TheDeviantQuinn, so I say thanks to him for the awesome sprite of Fukuro. I'd like to say thanks also to Hermoduro that helped me with some sprites and Fatmanjumprope that helped me with some sprites and gave me advices about sprites. It's the first time that I tried to make a full sprite sheet by my own, but anyway I hope you enjoy the char.


Fukuro's final version Download

You can download his stages HERE
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PostSubject: Re: Fukuro One Piece    October 23rd 2016, 1:23 pm

Thanks for sharing here ... yes
It really is a very funny character ...
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Fukuro One Piece
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