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 converting characters

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PostSubject: converting characters   August 15th 2016, 5:33 pm

How do you turn a 4 button character into a 6 button character?

Also do you assign moves to the buttons that are pushed on controller to the character that being controlled?

Also is coding really hard to do, How long would it take a person to code a character?
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PostSubject: Re: converting characters   September 21st 2016, 3:52 pm

If you disregard difference in sprites (i.e. reusing same set of sprites for at most two (2) different buttons), then here are some MUGEN ideas to consider (let's take punches as examples):

- LP animation sprites same with MP animation sprites
- LP animation time made shorter, while MP animation time made longer
- LP give it the least damage, while MP give it some damage in between those of LP and HP
- HP to have its own unique sprites set and animation, give it the most damage and longest animation time
- then adjust each punch's hit properties like pause times, priority, slide time, hit time, velocities, air juggle limit,...etc., from the lowest to the highest order (L->M->H)

MUGEN buttons set up is not hard for making a 2-punch to 3-punch (assuming there is no MP before).
Like, just duplicate a LP command and make a MP command, give it a new name like "medium punch", and make it change to the real MP state.  Make sure the new MP state is there.

>> Also is coding really hard to do, How long would it take a person to code a character?
Well, I think it depends on how good you understand how a MUGEN character works.
It does takes your good time to read many MUGEN docs that come with your MUGEN engine download.  Editing KFM by trail-&-error was my best way from the year of 2010, when I began to try to edit other MUGEN creators'/authors' works.  Since I am not a computer programmer or the like, and my mathematics is so bad (I needed a mathematics tutor to pass my mathematics class), I could only make some MUGEN characters that were based on my limited fighting game experience (and my action game experience is vast).  I remember my first 1st MUGEN character was an edit of "Killer Instinct 2 Fulgore" by kofelsalvador10th, in which I tried to add the missing source game features as many as possible, well the result was not that good due to my inexperience in MUGEN content making........
And, if you study computer science or have experience in computer programming, and you have cool mathematics skill, or even you are able to hack a source game to get accurate fight data, then you can certainly make some very solid and decent MUGEN characters.  Just look at those MUGEN Pro's who have released all the high-quality MUGEN stuff.......they are also fighting game experts.
But, you know MUGEN is not limited to just fighting game character making.........it lets you make just any type of characters too!
Of course, the more free time you have, the faster you are able to finish making a MUGEN character.
MUGEN feedbacks from the others (only the healthy ones I mean) help you too.

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converting characters
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