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 Optional Classifier Tags

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Join date : 2012-09-16

PostSubject: Optional Classifier Tags   June 21st 2016, 12:48 pm

Hey, guys.  I've been thinking about ways to make MUGEN more diverse, and it occurs to me that a tag system (that would be completely modular/optional) would be a great way to diversify the game's encounters.  Now, what I mean by that would be something like this:

You could have very direct descriptors based on the characters.
[Mutant] - Bonus x% Energy rewarded when taking hits.
[Sentinel] - Additional x% damage against Mutants.
[Symbiote] - Heals x% of health per second; gains x% of Energy bar per second.

You could have karmic alignment modifiers.
[Righteous] - Minor damage boost against villainous characters.
[Neutral] - No benefits or vulnerabilities due to alignment.
[Villainous] - Minor damage boost against righteous characters.
[Punisher] - Deals additional x% damage against Villainous characters. x% damage penalty against Righteous characters.
[Wicked] - Deals additional x% damage against Righteous characters. x% damage penalty against Villainous characters.

You could set up unique pairings of enemies, where specific fighters gain bonuses against rivals to make the fights more brutal.
[Old Enemies Pair A (Captain America, Red Skull)] - x% special gained per second
[Old Enemies Pair B (Spider-Man, Venom)] - x% special gained per second, x% defense increase

You could have recurring but very specific character bonuses that stack with other tags.
[Healing Factor] - Heals 5% of health per second.

And, while it could be pretty difficult to tag each move, the possibility of tagging attacks could make for a very interesting mixes of encounters...
[Sonic] - Bonus x% damage against enemies with the [Symbiote] tag.
[Energy] - Increased chance for stun effect(?)
[Psychic] - Unblockable
[Firearm] - Negates x% defense

...And even reactions to those.
[Kree Energy Collection (Ms Marvel)] - x% damage resistance against Energy attacks
[Psychic Shielding] - resistance/ immunity to attacks with the [Psychic] tag
[Thick Hide] - resistance to attacks with [Slashing] or [Firearm] tags (?)

All of this could be defined in the game's files as to make the information constant, while the tags placed would be within the characters' data.  Maybe it's too ambitious, or too chaotic, but it could definitely make things more interesting, more diverse.

It's all a matter of DOS programming, I think.  After thinking it was nearly impossible, my friend Chris not only managed to duplicate the random fight generation that Salty Bets has going, but he was able to devise a tag system for making it choose select characters based on the tags, all while incorporating a rather simple fight analytics system.  Neither of those are really ready to be released, but I'll be happy to pass those on when he deems them ready (so long as you have interest).

Whatever the case, I'm all for making a fight experience that seems to jive with the lore (to a playable extent; if you HAVE to be Superman or Sentry to have a shot at beating the arcade, that's bullshit).
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PostSubject: Re: Optional Classifier Tags   June 21st 2016, 5:39 pm

while this is a decent idea in general, it is something hard to implement in normal mugen. it is more about something that'd have to be reserved for a full game project.
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PostSubject: Re: Optional Classifier Tags   June 24th 2016, 9:20 am

Actually I have been thinking about similar MUGEN thing recently. scratch

I think we can use some MUGEN Explod and MUGEN Helper to make a new standard that is used to classify MUGEN characters like that -- female, male, warrior, magician, ninja, comics, anime, animal, robot,...etc.  I will try to post my MUGEN experimental results afterwards......... geek
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PostSubject: Re: Optional Classifier Tags   

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Optional Classifier Tags
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