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 Blob by Arkady

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PostSubject: Re: Blob by Arkady   November 15th 2016, 6:45 pm

@Arkady wrote:
I agree I-skorp, mass can be important in bases, but its the motions that I look for
i'm not out to create the best quality sprite ever. any artist can do that
I gotta make 200+ of them, the best bases are the ones that have half the work done for them
zangief may have muscle, but that's all in the shading, take that away, what's left
a dude with mass
plus I've increased zangeif size 125% before adding the blob details

Ahh i understand. and of course "any artist can do that" and you should be one of them. I just hate to see talent go to waste especially if i know the creator can do WAY better. But i just hope that the base you picked will do some justice. Because (And not to go off topic from Blob) the way your Luke Cage and Avalanche were made had me question if laziness played a part in creating them, Cause they looked WAY to similar to they're base characters.
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PostSubject: Re: Blob by Arkady   November 15th 2016, 7:35 pm

dude, for all the creations I've made
I'm allowed to be lazy, talents got noting to do with it
I see talent in lotsa new creators, quality is not something that makes a creation better
if anything it will slow it down, will it it look prettier? yes
will it look like the object? maybe
can you create a working character? yes
will it be perfect first go? I hope not and you cannot expected I to be that, especially on wips
I have many releases that don't show too much in wip threads, because there are too many artists that will object or want to fine tune the wip towards their vision of what it "should "be

how does the current versions of Luke cage and Avalanche look now though?
takes time, and patence and re-edits, which are the super fun part of creating, in recreating whats already there to be better
I revamped archangel like 5 times
its to me what mugens about
your keen to see the 5th revamped version of the wips now (I don't think you'll ever be happy)
like I said this ain't the wip for you, blobs going to be a zangief clone, till I make him otherwise through revamps
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Blob by Arkady
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