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 Coding a Helper

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Older Me


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PostSubject: Coding a Helper   April 26th 2016, 4:10 pm

Hi guys trying to improve in Mugen here ,
Which is the easiest way to add a helper that stays in the background after an attack ?  
(like Hope does with acey's Cable)  , im starting to understand animations and i would like to do some little coding (i have no idea of coding whatsoever
Thanks in advance
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PostSubject: Re: Coding a Helper   April 27th 2016, 10:23 am

You will need to use a MUGEN Helper state controller. Arrow

Now use Acey's Cable for a MUGEN example:

Acey put the following MUGEN Helper state controller in his Cable's [Statedef -2] CNS file so it can happen no matter what happens to your main MUGEN Player:

;Hope w/o Intro
[State -2, Hope]
type = Helper
triggerall = palno != [3,5]
trigger1 = numhelper(1000) = 0 && RoundState != 0
type = normal
name = "Hope"
ID = 1000
pos = -70, -5
postype = p1
stateno = 1000
size.shadowoffset = -7
supermovetime = 9999
ownpal = 1

>> triggerall = palno != [3,5]
- anything like triggerall/trigger1/trigger2/trigger3... are the MUGEN conditions you have to meet, and in this case it means "Hope" is created only if Cable choosen Palette No is not #3 to #5
>> trigger1 = numhelper(1000) = 0 && RoundState != 0
- after the above triggerall MUGEN condition is met, it then check another MUGEN condition that makes the "Hope" creation happen only if there is no "Hope" MUGEN Helper created before, as well as it can happen only after the "Round # FIGHT!" takes place
>> type = normal
- you don't need to worry about this line for now...
>> name = "Hope"
- the name of your MUGEN Helper, in this case it is "Hope"; a good MUGEN Helper name is useful for MUGEN debug process
>> ID = 1000
- the ID # you give to your "Hope" MUGEN Helper; I think it should be something uncommon number, in this case Acey used the value of 1000 which is too common -- 1000 is usually used for the main MUGEN player's special attack state definition number
>> pos = -70, -5
- this is where you want to put your "Hope" MUGEN Helper in the screen, with respect to a number of certain X&Y positions
>> postype = p1
- this is the "with respect to whose X&Y positions", in this case p1 means it is relative to the main MUGEN player's
>> stateno = 1000
- every MUGEN Helper should be given a valid state number, otherwise, some MUGEN error may pop up, like the above ID part (** usually it is set up exactly like the ID #, except for cases when you want your same MUGEN Helper to use multiple states i.e. stateno = 1000 + [when p1 is in air] + [when p2 is lying down on ground])
>> size.shadowoffset = -7
- according to MUGEN document:  "These parameters have the same meaning as the corresponding parameters in the root's CNS file. You can specify one or more of these parameters to change it to a value suitable for this helper. Otherwise, they default to the values inherited from the parent."
>> supermovetime = 9999
- according to MUGEN document:  "Specifies the number of ticks that the helper should be unfrozen during a SuperPause. Defaults to 0."
>> ownpal = 1
- according to MUGEN document:  "If pal_flag is 0, the helper will inherit its parent's palette. If the parent's palette is temporarily changed (eg. by a PalFX controller), the changes will be reflected in the helper too. If pal_flag is 1, the helper will receive its own working palette, that is independent of its parent's. Defaults to 0."

In MUGEN, coding a Helper is very much like coding the main Player.  Of course there are some more more to take care because a MUGEN Helper has some limits.  For example, if you design your MUGEN Helper to be hit-able then you need to maker specific states for all of your MUGEN Helper's get-hit parts.  

I suggest you to read your mugen/docs/cns.html first to try to get to know how to make a MUGEN state for both your main MUGEN Player and MUGEN Helper. study
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Older Me


Posts : 163
Join date : 2013-04-22
Location : Argentina

PostSubject: Re: Coding a Helper   April 27th 2016, 9:32 pm

Wow , thank you so much for the detailed explanation ! I will continue to research , thanks again
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fede de 10


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PostSubject: Re: Coding a Helper   April 27th 2016, 9:35 pm

borewood2013 is increible!!!!!!
You should make a tutorial, we would be very useful
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Posts : 5715
Join date : 2014-08-11

PostSubject: Re: Coding a Helper   April 28th 2016, 7:51 am

Sorry but I am not good at making some MUGEN tutorial........ Embarassed

If you are looking for some MUGEN tutorial, then I highly recommend Ryon's MUGEN Tutorial videos. yes

For example, this is Ryon's MUGEN Tutorial video "Mugen Character Creation Part 6 - Helpers And Custom States" at YouTube cyclops :
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PostSubject: Re: Coding a Helper   

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Coding a Helper
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