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 SubZero718 by Odb718 released (2016-04-03)

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Bambino Da Don

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PostSubject: SubZero718 by Odb718 released (2016-04-03)    April 4th 2016, 12:00 am


A few people on the forum liked the Ermac edit I did, and with Sean taking time off (hopefully) I decided I'd edit his Sub-Zero and Scorpion.
After just a few days of kicking in the edits from my Ermac and reworking Sean's Freeze/Ice Clones behaviors, as well as adding in my Ultra touches n such, SubZero718 is good enough for a release.
So DOWNLOAD him here <<< Right click, save as.

As I mentioned the freezing behavior is reworked. It's closer to Mortal Kombat 1 I believe, but it's mugenized too. If you freeze P2, and try to freeze him again, it backfires and you get frozen. If you freeze P2 and do a combo and try for a second freeze, the attack misses P2. If P2 is frozen and you Ultra Freeze him, he just takes a hit. There's one or two situations that dont act completely perfect but the code's pretty complex at this point. (for me at least) Like if you freeze P2 while he's in the air, and go for a double freeze it misses. It SHOULD connect if it was perfect. It just wiffs and could possibly hit P3. I have an idea on how to fix this.

SubZero718's Ultra Freeze acts a tiny bit different. It freezes P2 but the ultra doesnt end until P2 regains control. I've also scaled the damage so what ever custom combo you get off does a little bit different damage than that same combo. The Ultra BG continues until the "Ultra Combo" is finished.

I've made some additional custom sprites for SubZero718. I'm not exactly which ones. I think I reworked the slide's ending animation. I've also added in the Ermac sprites I originally added. Push Block and the roll away on get up are in. Super Jump, air combos too.

SubZero718 has at least 6 basic attacks for Standing, Crouching, and Air.
He has 3 different Ice Clone trajectories; Far Back, Normal, & Forward. L,M,F. All 3 can be done in the air.
I left in the EX versions of the moves, unlike my Ermac.

I'm not sure if I want the blue skull in the background of the ultra. It works for Ermac and Scorpion but there may be a better option out there. Any ideas would be awesome.
I'll be releasing Scorpion718 asap. He's pretty much done.

sendspace.com bcdosd
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PostSubject: Re: SubZero718 by Odb718 released (2016-04-03)    April 8th 2016, 6:13 am

Hey a cool "Sub-Zero by SeanAltly" edit man!  Cool

Thank you Bambino Da Don for this interesting MUGEN news!
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SubZero718 by Odb718 released (2016-04-03)
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