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 Streets of Rage minigame by K-Fox (updated Feb 15, 2016)

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Bambino Da Don

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PostSubject: Streets of Rage minigame by K-Fox (updated Feb 15, 2016)    February 29th 2016, 6:38 am

Feb 15, 2016 = mediafire.com download/vdbdyetbf168z48/SoRC30.zip

Jan 3, 2016 = mediafire.com download/c1o7ar35wdgqwi5/SoRC28.zip

Dec 20, 2015 = mediafire.com download/pvmqamx41q67c2o/SoRC26.zip

November version = mediafire.com download/aykaxop0jcojr91/SoRC25.zip

1. Fixed nasty problem with the enemy special effect icons and Seeker; if Seeker gained a special effect, the icons or 'evasion' effect helpers wouldn't be removed when Seeker was destroyed, causing strange things to happen.
2. Jet-Type enemies auto-recover from being hit in, or into, the air after a certain amount of time. Previously, whether they could actually perform their special air recover depended on random chance and if the attack they were hit with had a recoverable knockdown or not. This stops the Jet-enemies from being easily juggled until they are KO'd.

3. CLSN1 boxes on Harakiri's invincible sword slash adjusted so that it is actually possible to jump over the slash.
4. When thrown by enemies (recoverable throws), the animation for the target is now a 1-frame animation using the target's 5062,10 sprite (The "Head pointed down, body vertical" sprite). This makes it much easier to tell when Up+A should be hit to recover from the throw.
5. Extra CLSN1 added to Raven's "Flying Knee" attack to make it easier for him to hit with it.

6. Seeker doesn't get knocked down after a player KO anymore. Fxes problem that caused Seeker to explode after being knocked down from a player KO.
7. Antonio and Souther now use their SoR Remake sprites. Souther also can't guard anymore.
8. Barbon's walk speed doubled to make him tougher. (Its now harder to play keep-away with him.)
9. Fixed problem with P1's self-destruct attack not showing the pieces of itself flying away.

10. THREE NEW ENEMIES: Nora, Ninjo, and Cody.

-Nora has 550 base max life and is quite fast. She attacks with her whip and a fast jump kick attack. If you hit her, but don't knock her down, she might pull a feint after she recovers from the hit, and won't move until some time has passed or you move far enough away from her. She'll also perform the feint if you are close to her as she is getting up. Sprites are the enhanced versions found in Streets of Rage Remake.

-Ninjo is an original enemy made for Streets of Rage Remake. He is actually rather weak in terms of attack power, but he has a base max life of 850 and can block, so he'll stay around for a while. His attacks include a simple combo, a jumping sword slash similar to Yamato's, and a "sliding" sword slash that makes him invincible to all normal attacks.

-Hey, who's that? Cody may have 1000 base max life, but he can only punch and use an anti-air uppercut. He is fast and attacks very often, but he lacks any sort of defensive ability or attack that actually makes him a threat. In addition, after being defeated, Cody can't reappear for a while. That is because upon being KO'd, Cody drops a 1-Up item.

- JAN version

This contains just one thing, a NEW ENEMY: Hakuyo, the way he looked in the first Streets of Rage, with the enhanced sprites found in Streets of Rage Remake that I spent some time yesterday and today getting. This Hakuyo is going to be called one of his alternate names so you don't get him mixed up with the existing Hakuyo. That name is "Akaiho".

-Akaiho doesn't have many attacks, but has 600 life. In addition, when Akaiho appears, he may act different than usual. If "(AGG)", "(CWD)", or "(EVA)" appears to the left of Akaiho's name in the HUD, his behavior will change.

(AGG) - Stands for "Aggressive". This Akaiho attacks a bit more often than usual, and has an annoying ability; if you knock him into the air, he will ALWAYS perform a special air recover that leaves him completly invincible. He can even use this special air recover against attacks with unrecoverable knockdowns. An aggressive Akaiho also gains +200 to his base max life.

(CWD) - Stands for "Coward". This Akaiho has greatly increased walk backwards speed, and never tries to combo his high kick attack, even on a successful hit. He also frequently walks backwards in response to your attacks.

(EVA) - Stands for "Evasive". This Akaiho has increased walk speed (both forwards and backwards), and likes to perform a quick jump over you to try to avoid attacks. He also ends his high kick attacks by performing the invincible air recover roll backwards, instead of just walking backwards. He also performs the quick jump roll after a flying kick attack in an attempt to not get hit at the end of the attack (Remember that the forwards rolling jump doesn't give Akaiho invincibility, only the backwards rolling air recover one does.) An evasive Akaiho has -100 to his base life.


1. Some more enemies deal slightly more damage.
2. Intro for Bonus Game added.
3. Changed the way P1 and Seeker hop. (They used to just hop to the left if on the right side of the screen and vice-versa)

4. Fixed problem with Shiva's pummel attack not causing damage.
5. Fixed problem with Vice's pummel attack being unescapable.
6. Raven's "Flying Knee" attack no longer causes knockdown against grounded targets. It also now stuns for quite a while on a hit.

7. Hakuyo's "FirePalm" attack won't miss opponents that are standing right next to him anymore.
8. Antonio's Base Life reduced from 1800 to 1400. Souther's Base Life reduced from 2200 to 1800.
9. Dash sound added to P1 for its dashing attack.

10. Reduced chance of Harakiri using his "Counter Slash" attack.
11. Added Bonus Area based on Level 6 from SoR 3. Encountered sometime after Zamza/Jet battle.
12. Fog and Kusanagi get up much faster after being knocked down. (Forgot to put this in the update notes.)

So... the Bonus Area. For me, it turned out not to be as fun as I thought it would be, but maybe you all will find it cool.

The Bonus Area appears after the Jet/Zamza Boss Battle. The screen darkens, then reappears, only now you'll see the General in a big box in the background, as well as a huge machine to the right. In addition, a life bar for the General will appear below your life bar area and a life bar will appear in the lower right corner of the screen with the word "Gas" above it.

The goal here is simple. Destroy the Control Panel while dealing with the powerful enemies that appear. Only one enemy can appear at a time, but that enemy has higher life, speed, and attack frequency than normal, and also gets up almost instantly after being knocked down.

If the Control Panel is not attacked for a while, the gas meter will start to increase. Slowly at first, but it will quickly start to increase very fast. For every 1000 "life" the gas meter has, the strength of the gas will increase. The stronger the gas, the faster the General's life decreases. If the Gas meter has less than 1000 "life", the General's life doesn't decrease.

Attacking the Control Panel will also damage the Gas meter, so you can stop the gas. The rate at which the Gas meter increases will also be damaged, although it regenerates quickly. However, strong or repeated attacks can stop the Gas meter from increasing for a short time.

If you destroy the Control Panel, you'll save the General and receive a point bonus depending on how much life the General has left. If the General dies, nothing happens, except for not getting any points.

Finally, there is an Arena Lock effect in place during the battle, like when fighting Vehelits. You'll also fight Jet MKII right after this battle, another reference to Level 6 in SoR 3.

The Control Panel has a base life of 8000, the Gas meter can store up to 3000 "life", and the General always has 1000 max life.

I tested this around 30 times to make sure nothing weird happens, but if something seems off, do tell me.



1. Vice's pummel (headbutt) attack now only hits up to 3 times instead of 7 times. Damage per hit is also higher.
2. Added option to Config file that makes enemies use HitOverrides when hit instead of using the default MUGEN hit system*.
3. Removed option to make Rocket appear before Jet; it was too minor a change to use up a variable.

4. Shiva's AI has been heavily modified. He should act smarter than before. Some of his attacks have also changed a bit.
5. Lots of enemies have had the damage of their attacks boosted, mostly the weaker ones like Garcia, Slum, Fog, etc. To make up for the overall higher damage that is taken from enemies, the chance of finding an apple or chicken power-up is slightly higher.
6. Completely changed the way difficulty levels above Normal affect enemy max life. In short, enemies have much lower life overall when playing on higher difficulty levels. Should help prevent higher difficulty levels from taking so long to finish.

7. Harakiri is invincible for a bit when using his Counter Slash attack.
8. Stopped Zamza from doing a dumb thing where he would run in for his Double Slash attack, get hit, try to run again, get hit again, repeat until he is KO'd.
9. Slightly reduced how often Abadede can use his breaker attack.

10. Tiger can now appear from above with his Jump Kick attack like Hakuyo can.
11. After defeating Abadede, he stays onscreen. Fixes issues with characters whose win poses involve them running to their opponent.
12. Walk backward speed of all enemies increased.

13. The normal Jet now tries to keep a much higher distance away from opponents.
14. NEW ENEMY: Seeker.

-This is an unused enemy from SoR 3. It short-hops quickly to move around and can jump through opponents. It has a Max Life of 1, no matter the difficulty level. That is because it only has one form of attacking; when it gets hit, it explodes, damaging both sides. Try punching/kicking it as far away as possible to avoid damage. It always appears from the sky, but can't be hit until it hits the ground. Also, it uses a HitOverride at all times, even if the new setting is off, so don't try using throws or other custom state attacks against it. Finally, its CLSN boxes (when its not jumping) are much taller than the Seeker itself, so you don't have to use crouching attacks to hit it.

The Bonus Area from SoR 3 I said I was going to add isn't in yet, but its getting there.

* = THIS should finally let people use any character against the Bonus Game with no problems.
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PostSubject: Re: Streets of Rage minigame by K-Fox (updated Feb 15, 2016)    March 14th 2016, 7:48 am

SOR my favorite between SEGGA games. hope to see more in mugen
thanks lot

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PostSubject: Re: Streets of Rage minigame by K-Fox (updated Feb 15, 2016)    March 14th 2016, 10:57 am

Very good ...
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fede de 10


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PostSubject: Re: Streets of Rage minigame by K-Fox (updated Feb 15, 2016)    March 14th 2016, 11:25 am

this is gold dust for mugen (easy to edit and create minii character created independent games (like some marvel or dc)
  I have, many ideas
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PostSubject: Re: Streets of Rage minigame by K-Fox (updated Feb 15, 2016)    

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Streets of Rage minigame by K-Fox (updated Feb 15, 2016)
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