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 TicksPerSecond -- shall I call it a rare MUGEN Trigger?

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PostSubject: TicksPerSecond -- shall I call it a rare MUGEN Trigger?   December 2nd 2015, 3:11 pm

TicksPerSecond -- shall I call it a rare MUGEN Trigger? Question

I tried to do experiment with this TicksPerSecond MUGEN Trigger.  study

From my understanding, in MUGEN's data\mugen.cfg there is a GameSpeed = 60 (default value) under [Config].
When GameSpeed = 60 then in MUGEN 60 game ticks (i.e. the state Time/StateTime MUGEN Trigger shows the number of game ticks) equal to one (1) second.
When GameSpeed = 10 then MUGEN runs in like a slow motion.  For example, KFM under GameSpeed = 10 runs that slow, both in terms of his forward-running velocity and his forward-running animation frame times.  So, if I used a TicksPerSecond to try to make KFM keep running forward in the 60-frames/second even MUGEN is running like 10-frames/second, for example, in the forward-running StateDef 100 in MUGEN's data\common1.cns (KFM makes use of the default common1.cns):

[State 100, 1]
type = VelSet
trigger1 = 1
x = Const(velocity.run.fwd.x) * (60.0/TicksPerSecond)

For the ChangeAnim MUGEN State Controller, there can be something like AnimElemNo(0) + Floor(1.0/(TicksPerSecond/60.0)) for the "elem =" part....(well, probably should put TicksPerSecond in the Trigger part not in the elem part instead not sure though......)

Since a MUGEN Variable can have any kind of formats/expressions allowed by MUGEN, some usual timer making use of something like VarAdd Var(20) := Var(20) + Ceil(Var(20) * (600/TicksPerSecond) * 0.1)....

So, besides the usual MUGEN Trigger like Time/StateTime * TicksPerSecond usage and the above MUGEN State Controllers like VelSet & ChangeAnim, is it really necessary to use TicksPerSecond on everything relating to numbers?  I mean something like MUGEN State Controllers like SuperPause and Pause, the parts time = ### * TicksPerSecond and movetime = ### * TicksPerSecond? Question

This rare TicksPerSecond MUGEN Trigger is just like a stranger to me........ eyes rolling
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TicksPerSecond -- shall I call it a rare MUGEN Trigger?
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