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 Two Under-Appreciated Anime/Video-Game Characters That Need Light Shined Upon Them!

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PostSubject: Two Under-Appreciated Anime/Video-Game Characters That Need Light Shined Upon Them!   February 18th 2013, 3:05 am

About GOLD LIGHTAN: He debuted in a 1980's Japanese cartoon titled, Golden Warrior: Gold Lightan. There are no sprites of him, meaning he never appeared in a game prior to Tatsunoko vs Capcom; shameful... His first video-game appearance, and he's not allowed to have a partner, nor can he defend himself against teams without being over-powered. He is so mistreated, it's sickening. So sickening, I spent well over an hour making just 1 sprite of him.

About BRIAN THE BRAIN: This rather interesting fellow hails from an addictive vehicular combat game titled, Cel Damage, which came out for the Gamecube and PlayStation: 2, years 2001-2002. For an unlockable video-game boss-type character, little-to-no information has been put on the internet about him... The only way to see him in action is on YouTube, or through purchasing the game, and putting your name as either, BRAINSALAD or PITA to unlock him, or unlock EVERYTHING including him. No sprites of him were ever made until now. He rides in a futuristic tank-like vehicle. He also has many funny quotes, such as:

"Don't worry, I will smash you again."

"Act more like me."

"That happens to all my enemies."

"I think, therefore, I slam."

"Resistance is futile."

"No-one can stop Brian and his fish."

"I give you spanking, without pants."

He even has the strongest weapon in the game! It's a Nuclear Mine. It appears as a toxic waste drum with a fuse on it. As the owner of this weapon, you are immune to the intensity of its explosion, offering you the gift of the cheapest way to rake-in kills... Just simply set it, drive forward a bit, then back into it; everyone around you will be blown away, but you will be just fine... And, in first place. xD
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Two Under-Appreciated Anime/Video-Game Characters That Need Light Shined Upon Them!
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