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 [SOLUTION] FATX Error, Read Only, Filesystem panic (dev 03:36)

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Posts : 2
Join date : 2015-10-18

PostSubject: [SOLUTION] FATX Error, Read Only, Filesystem panic (dev 03:36)   October 18th 2015, 3:43 pm

I am trying to get Xbox-Mugen working on my Xbox and it requires the GentooX bios/loader.  Does anyone know why the loading stops?

The Loading Stops Here Error is in red
Mounted root filesystem of type: ext2.
FATX: fatx_raw_scan_nonroot: start sector 0 not in use
Filesystem panic (dev 03:36).
FATX error
File system has been set read-only
rm: descend into directory '/mnt'?

Microsoft Xbox Controller found.

I found a video of what the output is supposed to say:
Mounted root filesystem of type: ext2.
Loading Swap: 2047992k swap-space (priority -1)
Microsoft Xbox Controller found.

I also received another error for a different Mugen version:
Xbox Linux XBEBOOT 2.2dev

I managed to find the actual code that is being used:
++ * raw_scan_nonroot performs raw_scan_sector on a non-root directory until the
++ * requested entry is found or the end of the directory is reached.
++ */
++static int fatx_raw_scan_nonroot(struct super_block *sb, int start,
++ const char *name, int name_length, int *number,
++ int *ino, struct buffer_head **res_bh,
++ struct fatx_dir_entry **res_de )
++ int count,cluster;
++ PRINTK("FATX: fatx_raw_scan_nonroot: entered (start=%08lX)\n",(long)start);
++ do {
++ for (count = 0; count < FATX_SB(sb)->cluster_size; count++) {
++ if ((cluster = fatx_raw_scan_sector(sb,FATX_SB(sb)->data_start + (FATX_SB(sb)->cluster_size * (start - 2) ) + count, name,name_length,number,ino,res_bh,res_de)) >= 0)
++ return cluster;
++ if (cluster == -ENOENT) {
++ //EOD: act like all sectors scanned and !found
++ return cluster;
++ }
++ }
++ if (!(start = fatx_access(sb,start,-1))) {
++ printk("FATX: fatx_raw_scan_nonroot: start sector %lX not in use\n",(long)start);
++ fatx_fs_panic(sb,"FATX error");
++ break;
++ }
++ }
++ while (start != -1);
++ return -ENOENT;
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Posts : 2
Join date : 2015-10-18

PostSubject: Re: [SOLUTION] FATX Error, Read Only, Filesystem panic (dev 03:36)   October 23rd 2015, 3:02 pm


The C and/or E folders on my 250gig added hard drive were bad.  I had to get my original Xbox hard drive and use Chimp to clone it again.  I did this two times.  The first time Chimp gave me a long list of the same error: Buffer I/O error on device hdb.  However, my added hard drive worked and was able to run Mugen.  Then it stopped working randomly, and I had to clone it again.  The second time there were no errors during the cloning process.

Make sure to use the latest version of Chimp and remember to unlock the added drive and then re-lock it after cloning.

Also, my hard drive jumper settings were giving me trouble.  One of the jumpers outer plastic sleeve detached and the small piece of metal was still on the jumper pins!

I tested 5 different Xmugen versions and they all worked.  Also, I didn't lose my Coinops install on F since I only cloned the C and E folders.  Due to my noob level, I lost a week of my life fixing this.  Enjoy!
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[SOLUTION] FATX Error, Read Only, Filesystem panic (dev 03:36)
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