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 DEMOLITION CREW: "Jatz Can't Get Enough!"

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PostSubject: DEMOLITION CREW: "Jatz Can't Get Enough!"   September 24th 2015, 1:00 am

Jatz got his last meal every other day for two weeks when he was imprisoned for simply being socially unacceptable.
Every time they'd attempt to execute him, he would come out untouched.
They would wait 24 hours to see if he would die.
It became so monotonous, they actually had his meals prepared in advance every morning of his execution days.
Until Daniel bailed him out.
His bail was set at $1.50.
They didn't want him anymore.
He freaked out other prisoners, and when he would sing in the showers, other inmates would complain about realistic
nightmares of his vocals playing as they are gutted.
Soon as Daniel said "Yeah...can we have our monster back?"
They pulled a price out of thin air, Daniel paid it, and Jatz was sent on his way.
Only one problem...
The power would frequently shut off at Chad's house without warning after Jatz became a resident again...
And, always while everyone was sleeping or gone.
Jatz had become addicted...to electricity...
And, would stick his claw in electrical outlets.
Crazy music plays as he twitches his way to his recliner to watch T.V., and upon sitting, it ignites.
Because of this, he becomes an independent super-hero he names...
Sparks Jackson.
Going so far as to make a costume and everything... But, he loses his drive to save people with his newly acquired power, due to him never wanting to leave the house, and be so distant from his precious addiction.

After a while, he starts to lose the thrill of electrifying himself.
So, he goes clean, right?
He has a new plan...
Turn himself in, and suffer another method of sentencing death.
He wants to see what else they can addict him to.
Asking for a lethal injection.
They still don't want him.
Until he commits a felony, they're not taking him in.
Deprived from addictions he wants, he decides to look through Chad's house to find something he can do to stimulate
The idiot becomes addicted to chugging bleach!
Costing Chad hundreds in washing machine detergent.

Desperate, he tells Sam he needs to kick a few habits..
Asking him to remove the part of his brain that causes him to become addicted.
Sam tells him to simply lie down and relax if he's serious.
Jatz does just that. "Remember... Show no mercy... Really rip me up, Man... I need off this stuff!"
Sam puts Jatz to sleep using a tranquilizer administered through a syringe, which he then throws away, then begins operating.

The next morning, Jatz comes downstairs after a long nap in Sam's room, and thanks Sam.
Telling him he feels like a new man!
Jatz: "Haven't had a single urge since yesterday!"
"I feel confident! See, kids? When you set your mind on something... Get Brain Surgery!"
He then falls flat on his face, revealing numerous empty tranquilizer syringes in his back...
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DEMOLITION CREW: "Jatz Can't Get Enough!"
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