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 Summer M.U.G.EN Character movelst

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PostSubject: Summer M.U.G.EN Character movelst   May 9th 2015, 11:22 am



Water Gun Shoot (shoots 2 projectiles to his opponent)
Disc (uses normal and EX moves) (He tosses his camera disc at his opponent)
Camcorder Take (He takes his camcorder to make his opponent dizzy)
Ian Skywalker (uses Normal and EX moves)
Ianku (gets 4000 powers) (for his fully state)


Korey Kelley (pantses his opponent) (my compatibly) (This will be my first compatibly from M.U.G.E.N)
Kyle Kelley (gives the wedgie to his opponent) (ToonAlexSora007's compatibly)
Odbald (uses his keyboard to attack) (for his fully state)
Chopin (his follower) (for his fully state)


SuperIan (requires 1000 power)
Hockey (requires 1050 power) (for his fully state)
Iaryu (requires 2000 power)
Surfing (requires 3000 power)



Stick Toss (uses the Normal and EX moves)
Jungle Swing (uses the Normal and EX moves)
Fishing Whack (uses the Normal and EX moves)
Lamar Charge (gets 4000 powers) (for his fully state)


Raj (blows his marshmallow from his trunk)
Clam (squeezes mustard)
Chip and Skip (doing the same pose of the Muscle Man striker from madoldcrow1105's Mordecai) (for his fully state)
Scoutmaster Lumpus (uses the sweep to attack the opponent)


Campfire (requires 1000 power)
Llama Yodel (requires 2000 power)
Mexican Jumping Beans (with Raj and Clam as teams) (requires 2050 power) (for his fully state)
Recharged (requires 3000 power)


New Specials:

Meatball Sub Throw (uses normal and EX moves) (replacing Hot Dog Throw)
Double Punch (uses normal and EX moves) (inspired from the Best Park in the Universe game)
Hurl (uses normal and EX moves) (inspired from madoldcrow1105)
Rake (uses normal and EX moves)

New Strikers:

Baby Ducks (replacing Mordecai)

New Hypers:

Lazer Blades (replacing Hot Dogs Call) (requires 1000 power)
Skunked (replacing Ultimate Hot Dog Barrage) (requires 3000 power)
Rocket Raccoon (requires 3050 power) (inspired from madoldcrow1105)
Call The Destroyer of Worlds (requires 4000 power)



Football (uses normal and EX moves)
Dragon Kick (uses normal and EX moves)
Basketball Toss
Charge (gets 4000 powers)


Overreaction (requires 1000 power)
Shotgun (requires 1050 power)
Get Hyper (requires 2000 power)
Call Ghostface (requires 3000 power)

These are my movleists for my W.I.Ps that I can release them for this summer.
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Summer M.U.G.EN Character movelst
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