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 Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends: Battle Arena Clash - Original Project Idea

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PostSubject: Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends: Battle Arena Clash - Original Project Idea   March 28th 2015, 10:11 am

Hello everyone.

As Flammableking, i'm thinking on make a MUGEN fighting game based on my fanfic series of Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends.


-Pharaoh Man
-Gold (Will fight with Pokémons, so the types whould vary)
-Crash Man
-Wood Man
-Top Man
-Fist Dracon
-Kick Crane
-Shaman Monkey

Total: 26

-Bowser (Also one of the Final Bosses)
-Shadow Man
-Bowser Jr.
-Magnet Man
-Smartass and Toon Patrol
-Tediz Soldier
-Gemini Man
-Remilia (Also one of the Final Bosses)
-Jedah (Also one of the Final Bosses)
-Lost Silver
-Tails Doll
-Magma Dragoon
-Storm Eagle
-Spark Mandrill

Total: 26

Bosses (Unplayable, unselectable):
-Primal Groudon (Also one of the Final Bosses)
-Primal Kyogre (Also one of the Final Bosses)

Total: 2

Both Total: 54


Whould be a Capcom vs SNK based one where there can be one character, two at the same time and three in turns, could be the selected characters strikers like Marvel vs Capcom.

Rage Force

When a character is KOed, in the next round gains a power named Rage Force, where it could unleash its wrath by many combo chains, if the character wins, the Rage Force will disappear in the next round.

Elemental Weakness

As the name suggests, some characters will have elements that will be strong or weak against (much like Pokémon series) for example, Fire attacks will be stronger against Grass, Metal, Ice and Mystic users and it will lead the double of normal damage, but weak against Water, Ground, Rock and Legend users, so it will lead the half of the normal damage.

Dragon - Legend
Fighting - Fighter
Fairy - Mystic
Normal - Beast
Steel - Metal
Flying - Wind

Let's say for example, Lucario has an obvious Fighter and Metal element atributes, attacks like Aura Sphere (which is a Fighter element) will be stronger against Gemini Man (which is converted to an Ice element), and will be double stronger against Remilia (Which is a Beast and Dark elements user). However, Lucario's Aura Sphere will not deal a lot of damage against Adeleine (Which is a Mystic element user), and even less Gold's Xatu (Wind and Psychic elements)


To be created.
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Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends: Battle Arena Clash - Original Project Idea
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