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 never respond me

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Join date : 2012-06-17

PostSubject: Re: never respond me   February 7th 2015, 9:14 am

this topic really should not exist. please don't bother the admins just because you have a problem with me giving you critique. if you don't want me to comment and give some advice, put more work in the stuff you do. 5 second sprite-swaps don't deserve their own topics. you having a problem with me commenting doesn't deserve its own topic. please don't bother the admins about this.
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PostSubject: Re: never respond me   February 7th 2015, 10:01 am

ok delate all my idea! you right you brother to me but I no brother the admins and another!! ok I delete my post!
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Join date : 2012-04-22

PostSubject: Re: never respond me   February 7th 2015, 10:15 am

We do not delete topics/posts on request (in fact, most times do not delete anything at all). Sometimes we move them to the recycle bin if there is no value and/or are more about drama. Do not see that as a case here.

Will lock the topic however for you to help (though that is possible to do for anyone's own topics)

In this case, the drama level is very low. Not to mention can make a couple observations for future reference:
- yolomate made reference about Admin not referencing something. We had no idea to know if there was something to address because no post in the report topic, as well as no moderator/admin being PM'd
- Sometimes people may not like ideas. No big deal if that is the case as most people have different opinions on everything
- Regarding getting replies in general, please do not let that be something to worry about
- Looks as if there may have been a language barrier that may have led to some of this. Just a reminder for people to take that into account for the future

No one is in trouble at all due to those observations. Just figure the may help for in the future.
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PostSubject: Re: never respond me   February 7th 2015, 10:15 am

Yolo, everyone on here is human with responsibilities and obligations, just like you and I. I can't be expected to respond to something immediately because I have things to tend to outside of the internet. Admin are not instant response units, they are human-beings. The issue at hand isn't even worth getting this worked up over. 0.o I often wait days for responses, but since people sometimes wait the same amount of time, if not longer, for myself to respond to them, it is safe to assume they are not ignoring you, but are simply busy, just like me and several other people. ^^ Luis was simply giving constructive criticism when he was being "rude". owo; If not for constructive criticism, people wouldn't be as pushed to do better with their work the second time around. ^^ It takes time, but accepting criticism does get easier. Acceptance of criticism and even negative comments is also a form of maturity. ^^ I'm not saying you're immature, and I can understand being sensitive about your work, believe me. ^^;; I'm just saying you gotta not let things get to you so badly, and you'll be alot less stressed and paranoid (both feelings I went through during this phase), and you'll experience pride in your work, which is a magical thing! Very Happy And, remember... As long as YOU like what you're doing... That's all that matters. cheers
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Posts : 2317
Join date : 2012-04-22

PostSubject: Re: never respond me   February 7th 2015, 10:17 am

For the record, flammableking got that reply in just before hitting the lock button. Thought I'd point that out given mentioned above about locking the topic.
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PostSubject: Re: never respond me   

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never respond me
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