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 Green Lantern John Stewart by wil.li.an and ZVitor

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PostSubject: Green Lantern John Stewart by wil.li.an and ZVitor    November 26th 2012, 8:28 am

(previously written)

Download location listed below: The sprite editing was started out by Diogro, and then finished up by wil.li.an. ZVitor then took up the task of coding him after that.

The sprite edits look really good, especially how wil.li.an used a smart palette in places to where John Stewart's multitude of looks from the comics could be replicated in mugen. I think the sound is also pretty good as you can tell clips from Justice League were used. His AI does have him pull off the majority of his moves, but there is not anything special in regards to the fight he will put up.

The move set for him might be some of the most inventive and interactive in all of mugen. I say this as sometimes you will be able to control a helicopter, other times a tank, and you will be able to channel your inner Master Chief and use some FPS skills with the sniper attack. Plus, each of the moves connect very well to his comic backhistory.
- Shot of Will: Fires a blast from his Green Lantern ring
- Green Weaponry: Creates a machine gun to shoot at the opponent
- Sword of Lanterns: Anti Air attack where he creates a large sword to swing
- Oan Drill: Creates a drill that is then thrust at the opponent
- Oan Charge: Forms armour around his body before charging at the opponent
- Lightcopter: Creates a helicopter out of energy that then can be controlled by the player to attack the opponent. You have access to 4 different kinds of attacks (3 projectiles and you can hit with the blades)
- Oath Shield: Projectile defense
- Fly: Ability to fly
- Oan Gatling: Forms a large gun to blast the opponent with
- Piston of Willpower: Uses his ability to form solid light constructs to pound the opponent from the air with a piston
- Light Shot: Sniper attack where you enter a First Person Perspective to shoot at the opponent
- Beware My Power: Creates a tank that you can then control and have access to 3 different attacks

While this is an incredibly enjoyable character, there are a couple of small issues. The super jump was coded too low. Because of this, difficult to use combination moves out of your launcher attack. This might also play a part in why the AI does not put up as good a fight as you think it would, though that could be because of something else. In short, the AI fight ability is nothing special in regards to the match he will be able to give you. The last thing is in regards to his connection to the comics. Green Lanterns form solid light constructs. Well, both the Lightcopter and the Tank have a sort of intangibility to them that contradict this belief. Those things are all small in nature and are sure to be addressed in the future. But until then, you will have a ton of fun playing with him due to some of the more inventive and interactive moves.

You can download him at: http://www.zvitor.com.br/
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PostSubject: Re: Green Lantern John Stewart by wil.li.an and ZVitor    November 26th 2012, 11:36 am

One of my favorite characters!!
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PostSubject: Re: Green Lantern John Stewart by wil.li.an and ZVitor    November 27th 2012, 11:26 am

This is an awesome creation. Especially after they did the Justice League animated series a few years ago. This was an incredible treat to have the cartoon GL from that show.
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PostSubject: Re: Green Lantern John Stewart by wil.li.an and ZVitor    

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Green Lantern John Stewart by wil.li.an and ZVitor
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