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 Cream the Rabbit released by Gladiacloud

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PostSubject: Cream the Rabbit released by Gladiacloud   Sun Nov 30, 2014 8:57 pm

Gladiacloud here.

In just three hours from the beginning of December, I finally managed to finish my new character for mugen. I think that Sonic fans will be very happy. Smile



sendspace.com miuuzs

I was going to create her last year just after E123-omega, but unfortunately I had no one reference sprite. Last month, however, I accidentally came across a pretty good Cream's spritesheet, and doing some experiments, I managed to get the reference sprite I needed. Almost a couple of months of work, and that's the end result. Smile

I guarantee that this is the best Cream made so far. Have fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Cream the Rabbit released by Gladiacloud   Mon Dec 01, 2014 8:10 pm

Indeed the best Cream for MUGEN!  Sprites are superb as usual.   Very interesting to play as her!   She is a cute summoner too!  I like her Bunny Cyclone super voice acting.  Her Charge Attack reminds me of SF4 Focus/Saving Attack.  Even the "no crouching during running" rule is used in her.  Also your attention to forward and backward throws variation is cool.  Very Happy

A few things:
- Charge Attack switch (var(20)) in the config seems not working => var(20) seems not being used anywhere but the config file [actually I found you made ;st2 = 1.0_Config.cns in the DEF file....]
- in my MUGEN1.0, Cream's normal standing & crouching small punch, its Chao Explod anim 201 seems unfinished due to it reaching the end of animation under the ground too fast.......or it is just me?....
- Chao Rush EX (tornado) HitDef ground.velocity and air.velocity use values 3,-8 while the non-Ex ones use values -3,-8, intentional?  if so then please ignore this one......
- several EX moves and Super/Hyper Bunny Cyclone give back Power
- in your readme, Cream Cracker =  D, D, X/Y/Z/A, but in your CMD file, there is no ~D, D, a command
- some normal moves like crouching medium attack HitDef can guardflag = L while the animation looks like it is attacking low; similarly, standing strong attack can HitDef use guardflag = H as it looks like it is an overhead attack......sorry for me being so picky (well my own MUGEN characters also have this "issue" sometimes...)

By the way, her win pose makes me want to eat some ice-cream.  Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Cream the Rabbit released by Gladiacloud   Tue Dec 09, 2014 9:09 pm

Wow, Awesome release, this is easily the best Cream the Rabbit for mugen
yet in my opnion, I like her a lot personally, the sprites are beautiful Shocked

well done Gladiacloud clap clap and many thanks for the release very much appreciated

cheers Gladiacloud cheers Very Happy

and just wondering do you plan on doing any other sonic characters like say Rouge
the bat by any chance? love to see one by you personally so just wondered scratch
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Cream the Rabbit released by Gladiacloud
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