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 AgumonD by Tsunamidusher (9/8/14)

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PostSubject: AgumonD by Tsunamidusher (9/8/14)   September 8th 2014, 1:21 am

I quote author because lots info.

Tsunamidusher wrote:
with MVC1 Gameplay!
Compatible with winmugen and 1.0!

Disclaimer: Do not Mirror Battle AgumonD against himself. Issues are likely to occur when lvl 3 Supers are active
Special Moves
Super Jump: MVC1 styled Superjump
D, U

Striker Gomamon: Call Gomamon to perform Marching Fishes! (Limited)

PepperBreath: Shoot A Fireball forward (Ground)
D, F, Punch (Strength Varies Speed)

Claw Uppercut: A short ranged uppercut (Ground and Air)
D, B, Kick

Claw Attack: A flying claw takedown
D, B, Punch (Strength Varies Distance and Damage)

Hyper Combos
Pepper Flame: Agumon thows a giant, slower Fireball!
(1000) D, F, 2 Punches (Ground)

Soccer Kick: Soccer Team Captain Tai jumps in for a free shot!
(1000) D, F, 2 Kick (Air and Ground)

Digivole to Greymon: Digivole into Greymon and unleash a Nova Blast! *Transformation itself can hurt!
(1000) D, B, 2 Punches (Ground)

Hyper Cross Over Team Attacks
Double Digivolutions: Summon Gomamon and Dou Digivolutions into Greymon and Ikakkumon!
(2000) D, F, D, F, WP + WK

Duo Team Attack (Guilmon)
(3000)Summon Gabumon for a Temporary Tag Team match with Infinite Super Bar!
D, B, HP + HK

Warp Digivolve to Wargreymon
(3000)Close Range Grab Attack! Warp Digivolve to the unstoppable Wargreymon!
D, F, D, F, HP + HK

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PostSubject: Re: AgumonD by Tsunamidusher (9/8/14)   September 8th 2014, 5:52 am

Good release. This month is very good.
I'll do my best too.
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PostSubject: Re: AgumonD by Tsunamidusher (9/8/14)   September 9th 2014, 7:59 am

this is pretty cool. thanx for sharing Smile
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PostSubject: Re: AgumonD by Tsunamidusher (9/8/14)   

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AgumonD by Tsunamidusher (9/8/14)
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