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 "non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN"

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"non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN"
I like "non-fighting-game in MUGEN" only!
 17% [ 1 ]
I like "fighting-game in MUGEN" only!
 17% [ 1 ]
I like both "non-fighting-game in MUGEN" and "fighting-game in MUGEN"!
 66% [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 6



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Join date : 2014-08-11

PostSubject: "non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN"   August 11th 2014, 2:23 am

"non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN"

In My Humble Opinion:
A) mugenizing non-fighting-game stuff
  + more fun, a big window of creativity development
  +/- perhaps more challenging, as raw materials are usually limited
  - the line between success and failure is thin (kind of a big risk)
B) mugenizing fighting-game stuff
  + having access to certain amount of available resources, depending on how popular one's choice is
  + gameplay systems mixing is welcomed in some cases
  + some people accept custom and/or edited stuff; both approaches can lead to some sort of success or failure
  + one can be a MUGEN legend if being able to make everybody's fighting game
     cross-over MUGEN source-accuracy dreams come true
  +/- one must be almost like the source game maker in order to mugenize source-accuracy perfectly
  - if trying to go for source-accuracy then there is not much creativity element at all (aka boring)

I myself don't see anything wrong about making non-fighting-game stuff for MUGEN.

In last year of 2013, I mugenized a Vigilante character from an old arcade action game called "Vigilante":

I love this arcade action very much and I would like to see it in MUGEN but no one has not yet convert it to MUGEN so I had to DIY.  Since the source materials were so limited, I had to do some extra works like Franken-spriting and adding strikers and even the hero's girlfriend interaction.  It was a challenge to me since ripping sprites and sounds from MAME is always hard as heck.  But I really enjoyed the MUGEN making process of that.  Of course, the outcome quality was another story, but at least it pleased me as its author.

I remember when I was still in MUGEN Infantry (MI), some MUGEN dude told me, "hey, why the hell did you convert some non-fighting-game stuff to MUGEN?  it was just an awful idea and execution!"   Not hard to imagine, I had fought against that MUGEN dude and wasted some MI forum space.

Other examples:
- Boss Ryon's Young Goku, was from a classic action game, many MFFA'ers like it because it contains Boss Ryon's MUGEN creativity and nice execution
- DJ HANNIBALROYCE's SNES SPAWN, was from a classic action game, it takes SNES MUGEN to the next level
- BaganSmashBros' Ridley, was from a classic action game, really shows off BaganSmashBros' love towards Metroid and his MUGEN authoring skill
- Big O Ilusionista's Yellow Devil, was from a classic action game, I don't need to repeat mentioning its awesomeness and epicness

Now, something about the usual fighting-game stuff for MUGEN.

Source-accurate MUGEN stuff is boring.

The custom and edited ones in MUGEN, undoubtedly most fighting game players are mostly familiar with these categories, because these come from the fighting games they have been playing all the times.  Of course, not all custom and edited ones in MUGEN are widely welcomed and accepted by everybody.  Screw those MUGEN dudes who don't know how to admire and respect others' MUGEN works.

Some examples being mentioned here:
- Boss Ryon's CFJ Demitri, from Capcom Fighting Jam, plays very solid and it shows cool use of the RemapPal MUGEN state controller
- PotS' and all his successors' MUGEN characters, a collection of these already can make a decent MUGEN full game because these share a similar style and standard (high standard here)
- SxVector's MB-styled Saber, a popular female character with a popular gameplay system, this is the essence of custom + edit
- M3's Kohaku UNI, a popular female character with a new gameplay system, this is the essence of custom + edit
- Xasor's SAVAGE HULK, I call it "extreme custom + edit" that turned out so cool
- Gladiacloud & Beximus' Michelle Heart, I call it "legendary custom + edit" because Legendary Wings is so legendary:


"non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN".........both worlds have fans.........

So, please make your vote I want to know what do you think about "non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN".

Thank you for your time.
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Posts : 6600
Join date : 2012-05-02

PostSubject: Re: "non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN"   August 11th 2014, 10:56 am

i agree about source accurate for the most part. though i do have a few things...though don't think any are in my main mugen. closest would be hulk by mgmurrow or rogue by xcb and some people wouldn't even call them close. the only reason i do is i mainly have custom works as its just more fun to me to see the creativity Smile

i picked non fighting only in your poll, but i really don't have a problem with other things, it is just that is my preference.
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Posts : 5715
Join date : 2014-08-11

PostSubject: Re: "non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN"   August 11th 2014, 11:25 am

Thank you volzzilla for your vote!   Smile 

I don't really dislike source-game-accuracy in MUGEN; in fact I like it, it is just me who is not skillful enough to make source-game-accurate MUGEN stuff.  I admire those who manage to do source-game-accurate MUGEN stuff too.  What I mean by "Source-accurate MUGEN stuff is boring", I mean the making process.  mgmurrow and xcb and mouser and rajaaboy and kamekaze and vans and jesuszilla and orbinaut and NHK and Neat Unsou and and GM (my #1 MUGEN idol) and many others are good at source-game-accuracy in MUGEN.  I wish I have 1/2 of their MUGEN authoring skill.

I admire those who are willing to give new/different MUGEN stuff a try and to share with the others even more!

MUGEN is so magical that we can add as much creativity as we want to its contents.  And "non-fighting-game" content in MUGEN usually requires a certain level of creativity (IMHO), be it a success or a failure.

Now here comes the main point!  One can support a MUGEN success that is an act of encouragement.
But!  If one endlessly bashes *everywhere anytime* a not-so-successful MUGEN attempt is just..........I call it "heartless and reckless e-ghost e-bullying and e-haunting".  This is the primary cause and culprit for letting further MUGEN conflicts/wars happen.
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PostSubject: Re: "non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN"   September 19th 2014, 7:31 am

Most of my Mugen game contain characters from their original fighting games, I actually enjoy characters from their fighting game, like have King of Fighters 98's Kyo to fight against King of Fighters 2002's Kyo or maybe Capcom vs. SNK 2's Iori to fight against Mizuchi from Neogeo Battle Coliseum is pretty cool, a dream fight from different fighting game fighting against another fighting game. I also adore some non-fighting-game in MUGEN, some of them are interesting to see and converted to Mugen, a non fighting game character being playable in Mugen as fighting game character is interesting. I voted fighting-game in MUGEN" only because I am fan of fighting game and I rarely play games that are not fighting game Very Happy
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Mistah Jorge


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PostSubject: Re: "non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN"   September 19th 2014, 8:17 am

I think both options are cool, non-fighting-game characters are cool, so i voted for both, i'm cool with both options
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PostSubject: Re: "non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN"   

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"non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN"
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