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 Inspiration For DEMOLITION CREW Characters!

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PostSubject: Inspiration For DEMOLITION CREW Characters!   January 22nd 2014, 6:46 am

Ok, I had a lot of toys growing up, and a few of them inspired some characters. I'm being serious as I type all of this. ^^;; These are the official inspirations for my DEMOLITION CREW characters.

MR. CLIBBER (Hector Con Carne from Grim and Evil, and a Spawn Reborn figure.)

JOHNNY TURBINE (A generic driver in a toy monster truck I got as a kid.)

SURUSHI (A white Play-Doh can.)

CRANOM (Mr. Game & Watch and Mario.)

KEGAN KRUSHMANN (Krumm from Aaahh! Real Monsters!)

JATZ (Moloch from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.)

SLIK KILPIN (A creature I made-up to scare my brother when we were younger.)

WEZZAR (A toy trash can.)

WRECKER THE DESTROYER (Biggyman from Splatterhouse.)

SMOG (A nightmare I had as a kid.)

MANCER (Abyss from Soul Calibur 3.)

EGANCE (Anubis.)

BEEBEE (A part of a necklace I broke.)

COOKOO-MAN (A baseball player mannequin in a mall.)

RHYLO (Rock from Soul Calibur and Captain Falcon from F-Zero.)

BUCK-DOZER (Balsac The Jaws of Death from Gwar.)

PUN-MON (Inuyasha and Marth from Fire Emblem.)

HATCHAL (The pig mask from Saw, and Crowley from Hatchet.)

CLIM (An annoying dinosaur toy I had as a kid.)

DANIEL (How I wish I was.)

DELTA-PHAN (A toy elephant I had as a kid, and how I think he would look if exposed to a nuclear chemical.)

NOVA (The girl from Hellboy.)

D.C.A. (Andrew W.K.)

ROD KAMP (The wife from the Beetlejuice movie.)

ODDMAN (Tim Allen from the Home Improvement SNES game.)

RATCH (Festus from Gunsmoke.)

SEMPURA (Kayako Saeki from The Grudge.)

TANKER (A semi with a long tank on its backside.)

CALVIN (A horror story character I created to scare 2 kids I knew out of stealing.)

RALADALLO (Liu Kang's decaying body, and the thought of making something that would scare people with weak stomachs.)

BURKE (Stun from Bloody Roar.)

MULGREN (Hans The Bug Boy from Sideshow.)

BARGANCE (Zombie Liu Kang, Olcadan from Soul Calibur 3, and Bongo Bongo from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.)


BRAXIS (The Creech from Spawn)

HOLOMONO THYRIAS GIARA (I honestly don't remember. O.o)

MULCH (Manslaughter from Twisted Metal.)

DOOM (A blue Power Rangers toy I had as a kid.)

GRUNDO (How I thought Tac looked in Kirby Air Ride.)

THE COLLECTOR (The Headless Horseman, and Motaro from Mortal Kombat.)

PISTON (Hades/Hot Avenger from Bomberman 64.)

RUFUS (Caged Beast from Wario World.)

GENERAL GUDGE (The head in the stage Magma Mountain from Mario Party.)

HAWKINS (A monster toy I got in a Happy Meal as a kid.)

DREAD-CORN STALK (The idea of having a scarecrow character.)

GUZZLE (My brother's Halloween desktop background from 4 years ago.)

RAGING-RHINO (Rez from Gex.)

LAVENDER (A Patrick Star toy I got as a kid.)

BUB THE CLOWN (A scary clown thing from Wario World.)

STRETCH THE CAT (A cat slinky I had as a kid.)

MAGLAX (Gohma from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.)

G-FLAW (The idea of having a seemingly unwanted character in a game.)
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Inspiration For DEMOLITION CREW Characters!
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