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PostSubject: DEMOLITION CREW: Funny Quotes!   December 18th 2013, 1:19 pm

Daniel's Grandpa: "Oh, yeah? Well, I'm a milf!" Daniel: "Do you even know that is?" Daniel's Grandpa: "It's a type of elf!" Daniel: "No, it's a blanket that covers your hoo-ha!" Daniel's Grandpa: "My what-huh?" Daniel: "(Says while tearing his shirt off) Oh, you wanna go right now!?"

Sam: "Ok, it's finally ready for testing... For now, you're going on the table... At least until I can test you on Bucks." Meanwhile, Daniel and Jatz are debating on whether sharks have skulls or not. They rush upstairs to ask Sam about it, and when they crash the door open, Sam's sexual hormone formula is spilled in the floor, and released through the house. Sam: "No, no, no! Don't let it hit the--(shatter) son-of-a bitch..." Daniel: "What? What'd I... Man, this door feels good on my leg." Jatz: "Why Am I Horny!"

Sam: "I though you said Cheerios were for little kids. Smile" Daniel: "And, I meant it. This bowl's for Cranom. Crayon! Get Down Here And Eat My Cereal!" Sam: "Oh, so you admit it's yours? Smile" Daniel: "No, but... Damn it... *Sigh* If ya can't beat'em... Dynamite. Very Happy" Daniel pulls out a lit stick of dynamite. Sam: "That had better not be real..." The house exploded.

Daniel's Grandpa: "Well, at least I've been alive longer than you!" Daniel: "At least I'm healthy!" Daniel's Grandpa: "I stopped a burglary once!" Daniel: "I save lives and fight monsters for a living!" Daniel's Grandpa: "Oh, yeah? Well, I know how to cook!" Daniel: "Me, too!" Daniel's Grandpa: "Well, I put out a house fire once!" Daniel: "I don't believe that for a minute!" Daniel's Grandpa: "Well, my bedtime's right now! (collapses, snoring in the floor)."

Rod Kamp: "I know I'm always putting Buck-Skull down for being so nice all the time... But, ever since I had some of my Buck Acid retracted, I think... I think I may wanna hug someone." Bulman puts his hand over to the side of his mouth, and leans to the other Bucks in the room. Bulman: "Do excuse Kamp... He seems to have left his balls at home."
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