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 DEMOLITION CREW: The Basic Plot + Ending!

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PostSubject: DEMOLITION CREW: The Basic Plot + Ending!   November 18th 2013, 5:49 am

On a warm Summer night, a shooting star watch was issued on every news station. Why was this the day's big story? Because the shooting star is going through the sky at the same time the planets are said to align! When the planets were perfectly aligned, they shot a huge lazer-beam at the shooting star, creating a new planet with no name. Everyone who made a wish while that shooting star was in orbit, was transported to the planet, with their wishes granted, regardless of how over-the-top they were--even if they were just kidding after saying "I wish". Mil Rot was the king of the planet. He was trying to think of what to call it... One of his soldiers made a suggestion; "Why not name it after you, King Mil Rot?" Mil Rot responds; "No, that's not original at all... Wait! You.. King.. U-King! This planet will be named U-King!" Well... After Mil Rot was assassinated, the name stayed the same, but the planet changed for the worst... Egance is now in control... As the king, he can do whatever he wants... And, his first act as king was to give every newcomer the opposite of what they wished for. Simply put, the good wishes now have to fight the bad wishes, and earn their title as king!


The final battle is between Daniel and Wrecker! Daniel may be brain-damaged, but he knows right from wrong. He also knows how to fight... After Wrecker slammed his fist into Daniel's chest, sending him flying for the wall, Daniel got his intelligence back after the accident that took place in the ring when he was 18! Daniel: "Ow, my head... Wait... I just remembered my eleventh birthday! Mom was there! Mom! I could send her an email using Sam's computer! (Gasp) ... I Remember How To Use A Computer!!!" After having his memory super refreshed, he defeated Wrecker, and then came to realize that having your wishes granted isn't what it's hyped-up to be... He went to Mil Rot, and gave a speech about sense of purpose and working to achieve what you want in life. Mil Rot explained that the only way to destroy the planet's power is to destroy the planet... Meaning... The king has to die... Along with his crown... Mil Rot's crown was his cane... Daniel's crown is his necklace. If the king's crown is destroyed, but the king lives, he can give the authority of King to someone else... If the king dies, but the crown survives, the crown has to be given to the new king... If the king and his crown both die, the planet won't have a ruler, and will crumble in on itself. Daniel was standing on a circular plate of glass on the floor in the castle with blades and saws below it to rip him apart... One of Daniel's wishes as King was to revive Mil Rot, which is why he's alive and well again. Mil Rot had his hand on the lever, about to pull it to let Daniel fall to his death... Daniel said his goodbyes to his fellow crew members... He gave Cranom a hug, and told him to be strong as Buck's odor for him when he leaves... Cranom laughs, then sniffles... Mil Rot shouts, with his hand on the lever; "I Can't Do It! I just wanted everyone to have their dreams come true! I never meant to hurt anyone! Especially not you!" The glass below Daniel gave way, and he fell into the pit, where he was torn apart... He didn't scream or struggle... He accepted his fate... The planet died with him... Now, here's the happy ending!! If you die on U-King, you go back to Earth, but you remember everything that happened! Daniel pretends to fight monsters and throw fireballs when he's alone; Jatz slouches and pretends he's a monster; and everyone just treats it like a really weird dream... But, at least they're all happy. ^^
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DEMOLITION CREW: The Basic Plot + Ending!
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