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 What DEMOLITION CREW Character Best Describes You? ^^

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PostSubject: What DEMOLITION CREW Character Best Describes You? ^^   November 13th 2013, 6:47 am

Daniel: Though oblivious most of the time, you know right from wrong.

Cranom: While you are playful and silly, you do not think twice about standing up for yourself or others.

Sam: You are highly intellectual and seek knowledge of any and everything you possibly can. You also have difficulty trusting people.

Buck-Skull: You have a sensitive and kind heart, but a tough outer shell.

Jatz: You accept your flaws because you know they cannot be reversed, but you are still sensitive about them.

Ice-Breaker Bulman: You are a cold-hearted jerk with no regard for human life. Not even your own.

Nova: You are greedy and obsessed with looks and fashion.

David: While a hard worker on the job site, you cannot be bothered to do any favors.

Oddman: You have trouble socializing and always say the wrong things, unintentionally.

Kegan: You are very competitive, and always have to win the argument; fight; contest; or any other form of competition, and you do not accept failure.

Egance: Your sexual desires and whatever benefits you, are the only things that matter most to you.

Lubster: You always try to find the humor in every dark situation, and try to keep everyone positive and laughing.

Hawkins: You are a sadistic horror fan who enjoys the pain and/or failure of others. You also have a burning passion for Halloween.

D.C.A.: You feel as though you are trapped within the prison of your own body, and refuse to share your thoughts or feelings with others.

Buck-Dozer: You are feared by everyone, and you can't get enough of it.

Sempura: As much as you put down men for being aggressive show-offs, you secretly prefer a man of that type.

Roid-Rage: Every move you make and every thought that crosses your mind is based on what people tell you to do and think.

Piston: You are a living trash-compactor.

Rod Kamp: You are quite satisfied with what you've become, and you wouldn't want it any other way.

Smog: You eagerly seek purpose in life.

Johnny Turbine: You cannot tolerate being disagreed with.

Torpedo-Mac: You are more dependent on your mind than your body to get through life.

Mason Clibber: Without warning; motive; or provocation, you can viciously attack somebody with no sense of guilt or regret afterward. Even if the person doesn't survive.

Plax: You always feel as though one or more people are staring at you whenever you appear in public, creating discomfort, but you still have the courage to show yourself, even if you really are being stared at and judged by others.

Wrecker The Destroyer: You believe very strongly that your race is the dominant race.

Chad: You can easily spot when someone is not telling the truth.

Rigger: You like your boss so much, you will do anything to keep your job, just to stay close to them.

Zafgat: You have strange and creepy ways of coping with death.

Bolg: You dream of world peace, but struggle to try and make it a reality.

Thryke: You want nothing more than to be left alone. The feeling of being in someone else's presence annoys you to the point of near-rage.

Slik Kilpin: You use your strength to get what you want.

Delta-Phan: Regardless of how others treat you, you still remain generous and caring to everyone.

Raladallo: You believe that just because people share your race, they should agree with you on everything.

Grundo: You have trouble completing and understanding the most simplistic of tasks.

Burke: You don't see people as male, female, black, white, etc. You just see people.
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What DEMOLITION CREW Character Best Describes You? ^^
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