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 Demitri Maximoff - Capcom Fighting Jam

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PostSubject: Demitri Maximoff - Capcom Fighting Jam   November 12th 2013, 5:21 pm



Demitri Maximoff
From Capcom Fighting Evolution
Mugenized By Ryon
July 11th 2013

So here is the short, I noticed the MUGEN Community was missing a Demitri Maximoff from Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution, So For a while now I've wanted to make this version. I was worried at first but this turned out to be a great project to try out. I figured why work on him alone.

Thanks to Ink for the custom stance sprites, Damn you Capcom for being lazy!

July / 11 / 2013
Added - Midnight Pleasure's Midding "noFG"
Added - Hitboxes to Demon Blast 1 and 2.
Fixed - Air Recovery from Demon Cradle (Both).
Fixed - Chaos Flare 2, being spamable. (Not Spamable anymore)
Fixed - Helper collisions, There all correct now (hitoverride-ed)
Tweaked - Negative Stolen damage decreased to 150.
Tweaked - Demon Blast 1 & 2 Knock Opponent Down.
Tweaked - "Time > 10" , to movecontact.
Tweaked - While dashing Demon Cradle is easier to pull off.
Tweaked - Bat Spin, to allow player to attack after hitting, NOT COMBOABLE, but enough to defend self, or attack once.

July / 07 / 2013
Ready For Release!
Missing 2 Moves , "Bite Grab" and the OTHER version of Midnight Pleasure where he bites you.
Missing Koumori Shoukan: Darkside Master

July / 02 / 2013
All Basic Moves - Done.
All ES Moves - Done.
Grabs are a Bitch - 2/3 Done.
Working on Demon Blast.

<=== MOVELIST ===>
X Y Z = Punch
A B C = Kick

x+a+back = Bat Dive
x+a = Bat Dive (Air) - NOT DONE.
b+y = Negative Stolen

Chaos Flare - Down, Forward, Punch*
Chaos Flare2 - Down, Back, Punch*
Demon Cradle - Forward, Down, Forward, Kick
Diagonal Demon Cradle - (Dash) -> Forward, Down, Forward, Kick
Bat Spin -  Down, Back, Kick*

* Can be done in the air

All Special attacks have "ES" versions, which takes 1/3 of 1 guage.

Midnight Bliss - Down, Forward, Down, Forward, 2X Punch
Midnight Pleasure - Down, Back, Down, Back, 2X Punch
Demon Blast - Down, Back, Down, Back, 2X Kick
Demon Blast2 - Down, Forward, Down, Forward, 2X Kick

-Midnight Pleasure (Variation)
The Biting super, which ends with a 4 hit combo, I have not coded that move in yet.
- Light Pleasure (Biting grab)
- Hell Ride (Jumping Dive Kick, Ground attack)

Elecbyte for making Mugen.
Mugen Free For All for years of support.
Alexei for the AWESOME effects, Support, Friendship, and being
Laharl for being himself. *wink*
Ink for the custom stance sprites, that look SO amazing.
My wife for putting up with me.

Last edited by Ryon on November 18th 2013, 5:09 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Demitri Maximoff - Capcom Fighting Jam   November 12th 2013, 6:05 pm

Well played Ryon, very classy.
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Demitri Maximoff - Capcom Fighting Jam
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