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 Dragon Sword the game {Mugen Discussion Theard}

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PostSubject: Dragon Sword the game {Mugen Discussion Theard}   September 9th 2013, 11:23 pm

ok know I have a shit load of work but I figured to put this in here might well put it out there and I have planed this for ages Razz
now I plan to actually make it.  it's been too long since I've been on gundam war  and I put it off long enough.

Dragon Sword intro theme & First opening  theme: Red- Intro (End Of Silence) and Breathe Into Me

roster includes 9 good guys 9 bad guys and 2 bosses plus 1 secret char  in total 21

game play is 6 button attack with 2 combo as spacial ability sets in total of 7 buttons with start as a taunt.

so far nothing really done on this seeing I still got the other stuff to do but like i said just putting it out there as soon as my other project are done this will be next hopefully very soon if i do get to finish this I'd like to challenge S.H.A.D.E.S. Of Manhattan in a a mugen game fight  :sugoi:

note this has been seen in post you chars thread if want to save you time reading it  ;P more chars to come
also Updated look on some of the chars

I plan now to do something about it soon with Soul edge II joint project.

SEASON 1 or the RPG series 1 story


Back story: I made this chars based on myself for a lot of personal reasons  based on the story dragon sword

Personal BIO: at age 18 (I'm 25 at this point in time ;D ) Jed was quiet, temperamental, brash, and very antisocial person  at times, though on the inside he has a kind heart he don't show it to just any one his the topical Joe most people tend to over look and never bother with. All though few have known me better then this like his master or his friend Jessie other practicing Chinese Kick boxing with his master Jed masters in ki or chi energy type attacks  he generally likes to ride on a bike out on the streets at night to clear his mind. His master ask him to go to china with him to see some thing soon after inheriting a powerful weapon called the dragon sword Jed's master had vanished and soon it was attacked by ancient demonic dragons. Jed manged to fight's his way out and get on his bike looking for his master he soon encounters a girl named Mei Li Huo but her friends call he Rei after a set of misunderstanding the to realize the  most stop what ever this Demonic dragons are be for the take over the world.


Back story: based on a real person I keep seeing in life but never talked to I decided to make a char of her based on the story dragon sword

Personal BIO: At 18 years old and a all ready strong willed, clam and very disciplined yet very social with her friends only kind of girl she a warrior form the Phoenix clan and known as Phoenix style Kung-Fu and can call forth flames with her  Phoenix rod.  Rei can be understanding but she can easily gets pissed off by bad modded people like Jed but tends to try and bare that with the fact he wilds the dragon sword.

JESSIE new look

JESSIE old look

Back story:  she was like the friend I wish I had during my hard times also form dragon sword as (well the rest I posted are as well Razz)

Personal BIO: 18 of age and known to Jed as his best friend she often calls Jed Dragon Boy and makes Jed lough though Jed calls her a New Yorker Texan seeing her parents came form Texas and New Yorke, Thompson just calls her a yank witch she hate being called more then anything or midget yank (seeing she shorter then the rest of the cure) Jessie is a free spirited person with more hummer then in her heart then anybody though she can be a gossiper and a snoop  witch she resents being called her fighting style is what she calls her street smarts or in this case kick boxing style mix arts she uses a Blade bow that shoots energy and homes in on opponents

MIKU new look

Miku old look

Back story: I char i came up with you say she might be a Raiden inspiration

Personal BIO: 17 the clam and very disciplined yet very social and the more strict Miku. she considered the fastest warrior of the group wielding four Shiden Dragon swords for very us levels of speed and uses lightening powers to boot,  so she has speed with a sting. although she nice to talk to the person that seems to get on her nerves is Kyung, Miku often ends up fighting with her a lot you wounder why they haven't killed one another.


Back story: based on some old ideas and she the only taekwondo chick with water and ice powers Razz
Personal BIO: 18 Kyung is considered to be the wildest person seeing she like punk rock music and has a care free attitude witch make some wonder how can Rei call her sister but the to go way back kyung  for some reason
likes to pick on Miku strict attitude calling her little miss uptight or strictness. kyung's fighting style taekwondo Ice and water based powers the can hit hard on most opponents.


Back story: based on the GGxx music "A open bar and a drunkard" or something like that it sums up what this British char is all about Razz
Personal BIO: 20 years of age Thompson carries the theme "A open bar and a drunkard" he often picks fights with Jed or the rest of the dragon sword team for this drunken attitude above all it's his strength  (other then the fact he wilds the Fire Dragon Sword) is what makes him the strangest fighter of the group boxing and getting dunk is the only strengths Thompson seems to show most of the time although it seems he has feeling for Jessie it is not to clear wither he dose or not


Back story: to be honest this guy just came to in my mind with no real inspiration other then War Hammer, lord of The Rings anything hat has to do with elves and so forth same gos with any elf based chars i made

Personal BIO: age is unknown though he says his considered a teen by his people he wields the two wind dragon sword and a mix of deflecting magic and countering skills make him almost imposable to defeat him.  any mere human even with dragon sword can't defeat his superior skills above all he is the most skilled warrior of the team
his attacks are mostly defensive but his true power is when he gos on the offensive for when he uses the wind dragon sword it's very hard to get near him at all the person whose been able to get him on this at this level is Jed
but even Jed can't take on Jendil at full use of this dragon swords just for trying though Jendil was at lest impressed by this and has befriended Jed and the rest of the team to take down the demonic dragon kings


Back story: not much to say about but I just came up with her in the same since as i did with Jendil
Personal BIO: same age as Jendil though a bit younger then him and is Jendils sister although se don't speak much she all on the task at hand with he healing magic arts she mostly has a problem trying to keep Ninena away form Jendil shes very protective of him in most cases seeing how Ninena attitude is unladylike as well as unelf like although she tries to tell her to act more proper among the humans it end with them arguments you can call Laninan in this story as the heal of the team though shes skilled with the sword and shield it's her magic that
really helps out on the team


new hi res look

old low res look

Back story: well same thing with his one it just came to me Razz

Personal BIO: considered younger than both Jendil & Laninan with all most as much attitude as Kyung but more innocent shes also considered an oddity for being the daughter of a High elf who fell for a dark elf woman her life is a bit of a mystery as to how a she end up with high elves and for that matter why she had the Shadow dragon sword by her side when they found her although despite this they took her in and she now uses not only high elven magic but dark elf magic with great skills with her dragon sword though she as the power to hide in any shadow like it was a portal in this state nothing can touch her even if the room is hit with light she can just move out to the nearest shadow and escape her enemies Ninena can also call the on sword form the shadows any time she wishes or even make the sword telaport and stub someone in the back all though she gets along with most of the dragon sword she seems to have a thing for Jendil and she not afraid to express this to any one wicth tend to anger Laninan although Ninena just ignores her or argues with her back she dose seem to fallow along for what ever Kyung and Jessie's antics and gets in trouble with those two most of the time in their gossip


Back story:  no i did take the idea form lord of the rings though the name is probably the only thing he has in common with my Sauron might change the name to Draco or Draganess

Personal BIO: age 2000 years or so but looks like 25 year old the demonic Dragon king of Europe
he come to take revenge on all humans and high elfs and so forth (minus any who support him like the dark elves and any unholy beings) although he seems to very clam and smart he can be ruthless on his enemies though against the dragon sword team he sees a rival  in Jed for being the wilder of the gerat spirite dragon sword the most powerful dragon (yeah in terms of energy my chars dragon sword is the most powerful Razz) though sauron is not the only demonic dragon king he has Di-Long as his partner to fight in China witch he considers him to be his brother Sauron wilds a powerful set of weapons one of them is known as the dragons Eye witch can see into the what his enemies are doing  and a Demonic Dragon sword past down form his fathers soul and a souljin a weapon that can take souls and in power him with more strengthened  abilities or his enemies

and yes everything will be on my site soon 
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Sword the game {Mugen Discussion Theard}   September 15th 2013, 12:15 am

note this is the prototype sprite

chances are I gonna use this as my reference sprite and make them by hand
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Sword the game {Mugen Discussion Theard}   September 15th 2013, 2:02 am

I like
in low-res

he feels like a real knight.
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Posts : 703
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Location : Somewhere in California.

PostSubject: Re: Dragon Sword the game {Mugen Discussion Theard}   September 15th 2013, 4:43 am

yeah most of my work has changed over the years I have like tons of chars in dragon sword series
form Rei having a anti-hero brother plus he has his own team. to chars form that are the next generation in the series

secret Chars:
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Sword the game {Mugen Discussion Theard}   

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Dragon Sword the game {Mugen Discussion Theard}
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