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 Your Mugen Tournament

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PostSubject: Your Mugen Tournament   November 21st 2017, 8:25 am

Hi, say like if you guys want to make a Mugen tournament at some fighting game tournament much similar to HDBZ Mugen at Evolution 2014, what will your Mugen tournament be like?

For mine, I will be using default Mugen 1.1 with video setting size of 640x480 in full screen. Here are the rules of my Mugen tournament :
- Only versus mode (one on one) is allowed
- Match rules (Time Limit, Life, Game Speed) in Option Menu are set to default
- Player can use their own gamepad, fight stick for the tournament
- The tournament format will be the same as most fighting game tournament, two or three sets match to determine a winner to the winner bracket while the loser will get into loser bracket
- Characters can only be downloaded online from Mugen creators' websites and hosting files uploaded by the Mugen creators. - Players are not allowed to download offline characters hosted in file sharing sites
- Characters will be reviewed before the match begins to determine if players are allowed to use the character.
- Overpowered Boss characters are not allowed
- No overpowered characters like Rare Akuma, God Orochi, easy one-hit direct kill character, AI took over player character and so on. If unexpected the character suddenly got controlled by AI without the awareness of Players, the match can be restarted, but only affected player can be allowed to swap character
- Stage of choice can be determine by player winning the rock scissor paper to choose the stage. Only stage from original fighting game is allowed, no edited stages
- Players are not allowed to choose another character unless if the character has glitch that obstacle the match
- After every matches, both players' characters and stage will be deleted for the other players' match. Players will be force to download the characters and stage again in their next match

Winner of the Mugen tournament will be determine in the grand final either (Winner) vs. (Loser) or (Loser) vs (Loser) match. The winner can get to request from a Mugen creator to create the Mugen character of his/her choice, if only I can make character or I am a friend of a Mugen creator lol! I can't think of any better reward for winning the Mugen tournament TBH

For example, here is a layout of how the tournament match looks:
8 players completing:

participant 1 (P1)
participant 2 (P2)

participant 3 (P3)
participant 4 (P4)

participant 5 (P5)
participant 6 (P6)

participant 7 (P7)
participant 8 (P8)

Participant 1 vs. Participant 2:
Participant 1 choose a Mugen character by browsing through Mugen website that he knows and download the character say Ken by GM from GM's website: http://gmsniper.webcrow.jp/. GM's Ken plays like in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, so it is not a problem. Participant 2 did the same as Participant 2, but he choose Kyo Kusanagi XI by Ikaruga from Ikaruga's website: http://ikrgmugen.web.fc2.com/ stage of choice will be chosen by both player winning the rock paper scissor where participant 1 won and he chooses Australia Outback stage by Neogouki. The match begins and Participant 2 won by defeating Participant 1 in two sets of the match. Participant 1 is sent to loser bracket while Participate 2 stays in winner brackets

Participant 3 vs Participant 4:
Same as Participant 1 vs. Participant 2: Participant 3 picks Ryu by pots from Pots' website: https://network.mugenguild.com/pots/ and Participant 4 picks Evil Ken by Reu from Pots' website. Participant 3 gets to choose the stage by winning the rock paper scissors which is Nightmare Geese from Real Bout Fatal Fury Special's stage by Pots. Participant 4 won the match by defeating two sets, however, Participant 3 won one of the match. Participant 3 got sent to loser bracket to face Participate 1 while Participant 4 gets to challenge Participant 2.

Participant 2 vs Participant 4:
Winner bracket match where both players use the same characters as their previous matches, the stage can still be changed by having rock paper scissor for one of the player's stage choice. Participant 4 won two sets straight and Participant 2 is sent to loser bracket.

Participant 1 vs Participant 3:
Loser bracket match just like Participant 2 vs Participant 4, but the one who lose this match will be out of the tournament. While the winner in the loser bracket wait for the loser of Participant 2 vs Participant 4 to challenge him.

So here are the overall outcome of the tournament:
p1 vs p2: p2 won
p3 vs p4: p4 won
(W): P2 vs P4: P4 won and P2 get sent to loser bracket
(L): P1 vs P3: P3 won and P1 get eliminated from tournament
(L) P3 vs P2: P3 won and P2 get eliminated from tournament

P5 vs P6: P5 won
P7 vs P8: P7 won
(W): P5 vs P7: P7 won and P5 get sent to loser bracket
(L): P6 vs P8: P8 won and P6 get eliminated from tournament
(W): P7 vs P4: P4 won and P7 get sent to loser bracket

(L): P3 vs P7: P3 won and P7 get eliminated from tournament
- Say like of the two set of match if P7's character got stuck or crash the Mugen in the second set, P7 is allowed to change his character and the match restarted on the second set of the match only.
(W): P4 vs P8: P4 won and P8 sent to loser bracket to challenge P3
grand final Loser bracket: P3 vs P8: P3 won and P8 get eliminated from tournament
grand final: P3(L) vs P4(W)

Two possible outcomes for grand final P3(L) vs P4(W):
P3(L) vs P4(W): P3 lost and P4 is the winner of the tournament
P3(L) vs P4(W): P4 lost, has become loser bracket and the match cause a restart:
P3(L) vs P4(L): P4 won and is the grand winner of this Mugen tournament

eyes rolling it is pretty long, but this is how my Mugen tournament looks like lol! for me if I am the participant, my main character will be Gouki by Divinewolf: http://www.trinitymugen.net/forum/index.php and my choice of stage if I win the rock paper scissor will be kof99's raining park stage by Ryo2005: http://mugenskyhigh.moo.jp/ cheers

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PostSubject: Re: Your Mugen Tournament   November 26th 2017, 4:04 am

Whoa very detailed (so professional too) MUGEN tournament plan here man! affraid

Since there are no real human being plays MUGEN with me in real life.  No  I only play MUGEN by myself, mainly with the Arcade mode, and when my hands get tired I may just use the Watch mode.  Neutral

If I were to hold a MUGEN tournament, this would be my MUGEN plan :

0) MUGEN version:  1.0 only (cannot use 1.1 exclusive stuff)
   => number of human players: 2

1) MUGEN selection screen aka roaster:
   a) main characters from each included game, i.e. Ryu from SF & Kyo from KOF
   b) rival characters from each included game, i.e. Ken from SF & Iori from KOF
   c) icon/idol characters from each included game, i.e. Chun-Li from SF & Athena from KOF
   d) boss characters from each included game, i.e. Gill from SF & Orochi from KOF
   e) all the originally-made characters I have, i.e. Dragon Claw, Biped, non-cheapo
   f) only originally-made stages/BGMs are to be used
2) MUGEN play mode:  Team VS => Turns (4 vs 4)
   a) 1st match - select 1 main, 1 rival, 1 icon/idol, 1 RANDOM
   b) 2nd match - 1st winner can select 1 main, 1 rival, 1 icon/idol, 1 boss
   c) 3rd match - 2nd loser can select 1 main, 1 rival, 1 icon/idol/originally-made (not KFM), 1 boss
   d) 4th match - both must select 4 bosses
3) MUGEN play mode:  Team VS => Simul (2 vs 2)
   a) 1st match - each can select 1 main, 1 rival
   b) 2nd match - 1st winner can select 1 icon/idol, 1 boss
   c) 3rd match - 2nd loser can select 1 main, 1 boss
   d) 4th match - both must select 2 RANDOM
4) MUGEN play mode:  Single VS => 1 vs 1
   a) 1st match - select 1 RANDOM
   b) 2nd match - 1st winner can select 1 main or 1 rival or 1 icon/idol
   c) 3rd match - 2nd loser can select 1 boss
   d) 4th match - both must select 1 originally-made (not KFM)
5) MUGEN play mode:  Arcade => 1 vs 1
   => each person uses KFM (no edits) to fight against a particular bonus round character (i.e. Super Mario
        Bros.), to see who is able to finish the bonus round first....
5) MUGEN play mode:  Single VS => 1 vs 1
   => both must select 1 originally-made KFM (no edits) only

* it might sounds silly but I want to give the 2nd loser some "come-back" advantage...
* last match is a 1 KFM vs 1 KFM, talk about real most "natural" MUGEN skill....
* I wanted to add a Watch mode like a single match betting....but I just gave up the MUGEN idea about that....
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Your Mugen Tournament
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