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 ESP switch a must for better control?

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PostSubject: ESP switch a must for better control?   July 29th 2017, 5:07 pm

ESP switch a must for better control? Question

ESP = Extra-Sensory Perception, which includes Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition, Retrocognition, Mediumship, Psychometry, PSI Phenomenon, ...etc.

I have watched many Sci-Fi movies in which all the ESPers can easily make use of their power anytime anywhere. Twisted Evil

However, I think this is very dangerous when those ESPers are able to do so.......just imagine a common PSI Phenomenon, the Telekinesis, the power owner does not need any "preparation" to be able to make it happen.   

For example, Telekinesis by "just looking" cyclops :

in case giphy not working for you...:

As you can see, by "just looking" is very dangerous because most of the times your mind/thought is faster than your eyes. eyes rolling
By the time you regret doing so, it is already too late.  Plus, if you are unconscious or you are seeing some illusion then it can be 200% more dangerous! scared

As a result, I think there needs to be a "switch" for any ESPers to use to try to "define" some on/off control for some easily activated power like Telekinesis, and the most common "switch" I see is the "hand gestures :

in case giphy not working for you...:

This "hand gestures" "switch" looks more safe right? Question  Sorry but not enough! Exclamation  
ers who suffer from some hand involuntary movements (either by illness or by 2nd-hand force) can easily activate their power unwillingly. No

Therefore, I want to see more safer ESP "switches" in Sci-Fi movies such as Arrow :
- you have to hold your breath in order to be able to activate your ESP
- you have to keep imagining a particular thing (i.e. a color-changing rainbow) in order to be able to activate your ESP
- you have to be getting hits (just keep hitting yourself lightly) in order to be able to activate your ESP
- you have to shout/speak out some specific command phrases (i.e. "unattach it and make it fly to his head now") in order to be able to activate your ESP

OK I just finished my Sci-Fi movies B.S. here............ lol!
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ESP switch a must for better control?
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