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 Foxy One Piece GB char mugen

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PostSubject: Foxy One Piece GB char mugen   May 2nd 2017, 12:16 am

Long time ago I released my first version of Foxy, and that version bothered me because there were a lot of bugs and I didnt' like the sprites that much. The sprites looks like the sprites from One Piece for GBA, it'd be interesting  to use these sprites if my intention is to make a OP GBA mugen, but I want to make a One Piece Gigant Battle Mugen and follow the Wenchu's style. So one day I decided to make another sprite by my own, repeating what I said in my Fukuro's topic, I'm not a very good spriter but I tried my best. So with a lot of spriting, and coding I reached my goal.

But let's talk about his gameplay. Well Foxy is the kind of character that fights using punches, tricks, traps, and his devil fruit's powers . And I distributed the buttons acorrding to each of this characteristics, A button is for his Punches, B button is for his tricks and C is for his Noro Noro's power.

Well he has a lot of specials but I'd like to talk about one in specific. It's the Noro Noro Beam Catcher, well I was thinking in another move to his "C" attacks because the only move that he really uses the Noroma Fotons is the Noro Noro Beam and the Noro Noro Beam Sword, and after some thoughts I have the idea to give him a little machine that absorbs his Noroma Fotons and convert them into a barrier. This barrier slows the opponent as any other Noro's powers, but the Noro Noro's abilities has an interesting use: "When the opponent is hit by these beams the kinetic force of the strikes makes the Foxy's punches more powerful". So the Noro Noro Beam Catcher is about this, the slow is more long and your punches are stronger, but you won't be able to make any Noro Noro's attacks for a while after use it because you'll be recharging the "catcher".

About combos, he doesn't have much stronger combos to make because he has a few physical attacks, but you can make combos with them using the advantage of his traps, so you can put his traps around the stage to take control of the map. He has difficulty to fight distant from the opponent, so you can use Foxy Mirage, Shichi Henge or Noro Sword to get near from opponents like Usopp or Nico Robin and use Noro Noro Beam Catcher to finish them quickly.

His stage is "Sexy Foxy" where the awesome battle with Afro Luffy happened(sincerely I love that battle xD).

I think it's only this I have to explain,there's other things but it's already explained in his presentation, I hope you enjoy the char! Very Happy

Download the char here:

Download the stage in this topic:

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PostSubject: Re: Foxy One Piece GB char mugen   May 3rd 2017, 12:47 pm

Oh sorry but I had to edit your topic post's mediafire.com hyperlink just to remove the adfly mask thingy.... tongue

Thank you for your One Piece MUGEN works!

I like how you try to give as much information about your MUGEN chars/stages in your MUGEN release topics!
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Foxy One Piece GB char mugen
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