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Happy Birthday MMV
Mon 11 May - 18:03 by Adminbot

We are celebrating our 3rd Birthday, but all the gifts are for you all. Click on the banner above to follow everything that happened during our Birthday Blowout

The biggest release of this MMV Celebration is thanks to Arkady with his release of Forge. After watching this video, you can find him and more information at: Forge by Arkady released

A big MMV thank you for everything Fabry Taz has done, this time with the release of his Mortal Kombat Legacy Full Game Demo that you'll find when clicking the image above

Here is a preview video of a project that will be in your hands soon in: Superman Beyond by Angelus and JARRO77 video preview

andersontavars got involved in our event again. This time with: Justice Lord Superman WIP Reveal by andersontavars w/video preview

Once again, volzzilla has released a super portrait pack for the end of a MMV release event

To commemorate or 3rd B-day event, Navana released a stage based on it

As our event nears an end, chuchoryu has released Leonardo as a full character, and his TMNT Game Demo for you all

You can watch an amazing update of progress of Scorpion by Fabry Taz for his MK project at: Latest MK Scorpion progress

Alejandro Iaccarino and pseudoingles from the Green Lantern project had a surprise release for our birthday celebration in: Blue Lantern Saint Walker released

Fin Fang Foom is now available for your Mugen thanks to Shining's release

Navana released this stage and 6 others from Rave Masters for our event

A pair of releases for the 16th day of our celebration. The first is andersontavars beta version of Red Hulk. Then a demo of Bryan Fury from chuchoryu

Mistah Jorge took the spotlight for Day 15 of the event. First was helping to organize a major upgrade to Nightwing. Then he and flammableking came together on a passion project for Wario. Finally, he will do his own version of Q. You will find out more when you click whichever picture above for the topic

Pilgrim has done it again for our birthday by doing more work for a: Major update of Amazo released

Some pretty cool project news here when clicking the corresponding images. The first is an awesome all-new WIP of Blink courtesy of RobiWanKenObi. Then you have new video action of chuchoryu's TMNT work

MMV's version of Nick Fury has been drastically updated for our birthday. Click the picture above to find out about how

Thank you once again to bam77 for showing off his incredible WIPs in video, this time being: Transformers Project video preview by bam77

A playstation legend is now alive in Mugen thanks to Varia the Hunter. Watch the video then go to: Sweet Tooth by Varia released

Pac-Man's 35th Anniversary helped our celebration too when brucewayne74 revealed his last project

Fabry Taz gave us a really cool preview of his latest MK char with: Goro Video Preview

Great teamwork by Pilgrim and borewood2013 came together to make an awesome update of Gorilla Grodd for you all. Watch the video, then talk about it at: Gorilla Grodd by cravd, Jhonny_DC, Pilgrim, & borewood2013 major update released

Here is a cool Mugen 1.1 stage from the Shantae series courtesy of Navana

Here is a very cool bonus game character based on the A.I.M soldiers released by Cristianomelo for our birthday event

One of our most popular projects here is Vengeance by Midnight-Son. You can discuss the latest progress at: Lastest Progress Video of Vengeance v2.0

A special thank you to carpa5 for his work on Iron Fist and his nemesis Steel Serpent for our event. You will find their respective release topics by clicking the corresponding images

bam77 has done it again with another awesome preview of one of his WIPs. Discuss it here: : Destroyer Video preview by bam77

Looking for a comic related Mugen 1.1 screenpack? SIRALEXBABY hooked you up with his major update of his Marvel Universe vs. DC Universe screenpack which you'll find when clicking the image

Check out this pretty cool Cheetah WIP animaraz showed off for MMV's birthday: Cheetah WIP reveal w/ video preview

Arkady has provided you with quite a gift in a finalized update of his beloved Archangel which you can find out more about when clicking the image

All of the characters above and more are now hosted at MMV and can be found here: Announcing New Characters Hosted at MMV

The hyperlinked picture above will take you to some new WIP Reveals by Shadow Lord

Watch this amazing video preview from logansam of his Kyle Rayner project and then talk about it at: logansam shows off a video for Kyle Rayner

Here is a great new screenpack for you thanks to Shining

Check out this awesome all-new DC character courtesy of Shining and brucewayne74 when clicking the image

The new team-up of logansam and Chimoru came together again for an awesome that you need of: Captain Atom majorly updated

Watch this amazing video of Surtur by bam77 and then discuss it all at: Preview video of Surtur by bam77

One of our community's biggest contributors in chuchoryu brings forth Oni as part of our event. The hyperlinked image will take you to the topic

We thank Cristianomelo for majorly updating his biggest release last year for our celebration. Clicking on her picture will help you find more info

A brand new creator in RAHLONNIR shared his custom Silver Samurai. You'll find him by clicking the preview image

bradern666 has been a big part of MMV for a long time. And to help us out during our event, he released one of his best characters to this point in Baron Strucker. When you click the image above, you'll be taken to the release topic

To help celebrate our birthday, duracelleur has released a megamix edit of Iron Man that can be found when clicking his image

A special thank you to logansam who kicked off our celebration with a bang by releasing Shazam! You will find him when you go to: logansam releases Shazam

chuchoryu made a surprise release today of this beta you can find when clicking: Lee Chaolan from Tekken released by chuchoryu

Vote on your favorite Mugen projects that showed progress in the month of April

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Comments: 94
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