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2015 Mugen Madness Main Event Topic - Over After 20 Days
Sat Oct 31, 2015 2:22 pm by Adminbot

Click the image above to follow everything that happened during Mugen Madness 2015 and talk about it all in general

To end a very memorable release event here at MMV, Arkady has released one of his most anticipated projects in Daredevil. Watch the video and then go to this topic to discuss and download at: Daredevil by Arkady released to end MMV's 2015 Mugen Madness

To continue an unofficial tradition at the end of a MMV Release Event, volzzilla has released a pack of well over 100 ports together that you can find out more about when clicking the image above

One of Arkady's previously most fun to play with characters has now been re-released with all-new moves. Check it all out when you click any of the hyperlinked preview pictures

MMV would now like to present to you the video preview debut of the female Asgardian Avenger, Valkyrie thanks to regisc and Cristianomelo. Watch it then discuss it here: Video Preview of Valkyrie by regisc and Cristianomelo

MMV would like to thank NinjaBrl again for getting involved with our event, this time by majorly updating the Batman villain Scarecrow that you can download and discuss here: DC's Scarecrow major update released by NinjaBrl w/help from MMV

Borewood2013 has returned from a long absence from MMV with the release of his Custom Greed from Rumble Fish. Welcome him back and check out the character when clicking the image above

regisc is back to show us off another one of his Marvel projects in Mantis with this video you can talk about at: Mantis by regisc video preview

Here is another great screenpack made courtesy of Shining called Epoch of Anarchy v2.0: No Rules. The image is hyperlinked to the release topic

And check out these stages that Shining released along with the screenpack

A special 2 for 1 offer for our MMV community friends today. Two characters coded by armin_iuf in Sasquatch and Savage Dragon and we'd like to especially thank the sprite artists he worked with in regisc and inforasi respectively. Click either image for more information

Congratulations to Dave Rattlz who released his very first character today in Raziel co-created with DARK!! who also had a birthday today. The image above will take you to the download and discussion link

Here is the next Marvel WIP by Arkady that you will get excite about. He is working hard with Angelus Silverhead to bring the Inhuman King, Blackbolt, to your Mugen and you can find out more when clicking the preview

Surprise!!! Not one but two characters you did not know were coming this soon given to the MMV Community on this day thanks to bradern666 sharing 2 members of Marvel's villainous Wrecking Crew Team. You can talk about and download both Wrecker and Thunderball when you click on the hyperlinked image

MMV's most anticipated character WIP shows off actual player controlled combat vs. an AI opponent today to prove to you that Hawkeye will be in your Mugen soon. Talk about it here: Video Preview of Hawkeye by Nicotinefist and Arkady

Here are a pair of edited Marvel character releases for you today. First is an edit of Adam by tokage into the Fallen One, who was the first Herald of Galactus. Then Pilgrim released a 6-button gameplay edit of rojin. Their hyperlinked images will take you to the download links and discussion topic

volzzilla is happy to share with you this stage he made based upon the Sentinels named, "Construction of Master Mold" that you can find the download when clicking the preview picture

A very anticipated project here at MMV is seen for the first time since it's upgrade in She-Hulk and you can talk about it at: She-Hulk video preview

One of the most powerful members of the Marvel Universe is now in your Mugen thanks to this edit of Hyperion by carpa5, fede de 10 and Chimoru. The download file and place to discuss his release will be found in his hyperlinked picture

The very first preview video of Mojo by tank402 and Arkady is here for you to talk about as part of this day in the event here: Video preview of Mojo by tank402 and Arkady

Some interesting Marvel Villain WIP news for you today as part of our event. First is an amazing gameplay preview video of Surtur by bam77. Then we have some all-new sprites of Abyss by Predator shown off. To find out more, click their respective images

One of the most anticipated Mugen projects here at MMV is Daredevil by Arkady. For our Mugen Madness event, actual player controlled gameplay footage is brought to you and can be discussed at: Video preview of Daredevil by Arkady

We are so thankful when our members get more and more involved in the MMV community, and the epitome of that can be seen in Doom. This led to him wanting his work hosted here, and we are happy to oblige. Those images above will lead you to his characters and stages respectively

One of the toughest boss characters in Marvel/DC Mugen is now available to you all thanks to NinjaBrl's release of the Brood Queen. Clicking the image will take you to the download link, a preview video and a place to talk about it

In Arkady's first contribution to this MMV Event, he has revealed an all-new Ant-Man along with a video preview of him. Watch then talk about it here: WIP Reveal: Ant-Man v2.0 by Arkady w/video preview

CVS Artist had a surprise release today with the first character from his new full game project, Shonen Jump vs. Capcom in Megaman X. The preview pic is hyperlinked to the release topic

If you like HR chars and the Legacy of Kain, then you are in for a treat with this awesome video or Raziel by Dave Rattlz that you can discuss further at: Video Demonstration of Raziel by Dave Rattlz

Take a look at this all-new WIP thanks to carpa5 and fede de 10 of Owlman when you click the preview

Congratulations to bam77 who released his very first character today as part of Mugen Madness 2015. Watch the video and then go here for more info: Nitro released by Bam77

On day 6, Mistah Jorge did a massage update of a passion project of his in Gou Hibiki. Click the image above to download and find out more

An all-new Marvel WIP reveal in Red Guardian from the Russian Winter Guard comic team is shown off to you courtesy of carpa5 and volzzilla

A couple announcements regarding the MMV awards. First, we announced the winner for best Summer Mugen creation of 2015. Then we opened up the voting for Favorite MMV WIP in October 2015. Clicking the respective logos will take you to each

An old character in need of an update now has it thanks to Fron84. He took various edits of Slotman's Vision, merged them together and adjusted into what we have now that you can talk about when clicking the picture

The fans are that much closer to getting Marvel's Wrecking Crew in Mugen after this video you can talk about here: Video Preview of Thunderball by bradern666

Thanks to mazemerald, you will get a few gifts today as part of Mugen Madness 2015. His remake of Marvel vs. Capcom screenpack, and a pair of Capcom related custom stages, both of which you can find from their respective pictures

Here is an awesome all-new update of Elektra courtesy of fede de 10 you can try out when you click her image just above

Watch this awesome preview of Hyperion thanks to the sprite editing efforts of carpa5 and fede de 10 and then talk about it at: Hyperion Video Preview

In conjunction with the all-new Biohazard dedicated forum section, Fabry Taz has released the full game demo for the project. Discuss it all at: Biohazard Full Game Demo released

ANGEMON77 put in a lot of hard work towards the Mugen Madness release of Yuri Boyka. The animation is hyperlinked to the download/release topic

We have an all-new forum section focused on all things Resident Evil/Biohazard we'd like you to visit

logansam, with the help of Chimoru, has released his latest character for his JLA vs. Avengers project. When clicking the preview image, you can download and discuss the release

Check out this great video preview of Agent Venom by logansam and then talk about it at: Agent Venom Video Preview by logansam

Ever wondered what the Licker monster from Resident Evil would be like in Mugen? Wonder no longer thanks to armin_iuf who released him today in complete surprise. The image is hyperlinked to the download topic


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