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Mugen Madness 2014 Main Event Topic
October 31st 2014, 10:19 am by Adminbot

Click the image above to follow everything that has happened during MMV's latest Event and talk about it all in general

We decided to save the best for last regarding our finale for Mugen Madness 2014. A release like Dr. Strange is something we know you all want so very very much and is very fitting for being the finale. Discuss and download at: Dr. Strange by Angelus Silverhead, Arkady and volzzilla released

volzzilla has released another portrait pack for you all which can be found when clicking the hyperlinked preview pic

Arkady has done it again with showing off yet another of his anticipated projects for a video, this time a teaser of Vision. After watching the video talk about it at: Vision by Arkady teaser video

One of the most anticipated characters that people have wanted Mugenized is now available for you all thanks to the great work of Arkady. That image of Black Panther above will take you to the download and release link

In a complete surprise, we were treated by an amazing video preview of logansam's latest project. To find out more, click: Video Preview of Captain Atom by logansam

MMV has had it's second full game demo released for Mugen Madness 2014 in chuchoryu's MK Rebirth full game demo. And it includes a couple all-new MK characters by him too. The hyperlinked preview picture will help you find the download and more information

bradern666 has done it again in releasing a surprise character for you all in Radioactive Man. Clicking on the image above will take you to the release topic

The Green Lantern Full game project gave us some major news today in the form of Saint Walker's video preview. Discuss it at: pseudoingles showed off a preview video of Blue Lantern Saint Walker

The Web of Spider-Man project had a major announcement today regarding numerous characters Angelus and Predator are working on together

Super-surprise WIP reveal of classic Sunfire being worked on by XXDreamBrotherXX

chuchoryu has given duracelleur permission to release a number of his edited versions of his characters that you can find when clicking the promo image

Check out all of these 3D Mugen characters courtesy of bumble_vin. They include amongst many others: Injustice Superman, Sephiroth, Sub-Zero, and Kratos

Thanks to Red for for both of his WIP Reveals of Saint Seiya and Rocksteady from TMNT

One of the most anticipated characters in all of Mugen is now being shown off in a video for you all during Mugen Madness 2014. Go here for more: Daredevil WIP Reveal by Arkady w/video preview

Thank you to gartanham for expanding the Batman Universe with the release of his Wayne Mansion stage. The picture above is hyperlinked to the download and discussion topic

The hardest working man in comic Mugen gives you in-depth look into one of the projects closest to release in: Arkady shows off a video preview of Black Panther

Watch this awesome video preview of dragonrod's amazing Grimlock project from the Transformers and then talk about it at: dragonrod's video preview of Grimlock

Mista Jorge and BlueSpider revealed a surprise release for you all by Mugenizing BlueSpider out of an edit of Spiderman. Click the image to download and talk about it

A surprise release for you all thanks to Cristianomelo in his release of Lady Phantom. You will find out more information after clicking the hyperlinked picture

Another great MK character is shown off by Fabri93: Ermac video preview by Fabri93

What an amazing release today of Moon Knight by RG OP and Arkady. Great looking sprites with some very cool gameplay and concepts. When you click on the image, you'll be taken to the release topic

Fabri93 has shown off another great video of his latest MK project in: Preview video of MK Rain

Bet you thought one X-Men character you would never see in Mugen was Puck? Well, now thanks to Shining and Chimoru, you would have been mistaken. And they did an excellent job on him which you can find here: Puck from X-Men by Shining and Chimoru released

If you liked the movie, "X-Men Days of Future Past, then you can now have a stage inspired by it now in your Mugen courtesy of volzzilla. Clicking the image will take you to the link

Angelus Silverhead and borg117 have really out-done themselves with their latest project. This AvX badguy is looking awesome, as you can see in the video. Watch it, then take this link to talk about it all: Video Preview of Phoenix Force Cyclops

Couple cool all-new things for download today. First came varo_hades with his version of Sodom. Then we had carpa5 donating a very cool edit of Red Robin. Thanks to both of you. Can find those when you click the appropriate hyperlink

Thank you to Borewood2013 for getting involved in our event with the release of a very innovative character called Black Hole. The original version is by J.K, but he edited him further into something pretty cool. Find the download location and more about him when clicking the preview image

Fabri93 has given off a great preview of his latest MK character, Scorpion. After checking it out, talk about it here: MK Scorpion Video Preview

MMV has opened up a new forum section called Mugen Fantasy League which will be a new way for our community to interact with one another in a way to turn AI Mugen Fights into a spectator sport merging concepts of fantasy league sports, saltybet like betting, and Mugen fights. For more information, click the logo

What was already a pretty cool character by Buyog and Larramones is now a masterpiece thanks to Chimoru's work Sinestro, with help from iron-angelus. Watch the video and then go to: Sinestro majorly updated by Chimoru and iron-angelus

Surprise!! What a great way to reveal a new Marvel WIP from RG OP and Arkady; and doesn't he look awesome. After checking out the video, find out more here: Moon Knight WIP by RG OP and Arkady w/video preview

A pair of new downloads today. First is Hawkins in 8-bit form courtesy of flammableking from his personal Demolition Crew series. Next is probably the first of many from chuchoryu where he converts KOF into CvS style characters in Saiki. Click the respective image for more

Dark Rider showed off some amazing work in the video preview of his Ghost Rider WIP. Watch it then talk about it at: Ghost Rider Video Preview

Lots of Mugen Project news today. First on deck was the first video look at Vengeance by Midnight. Then we had a pair of WIP reveals by Dark Rider in Man-Thing and Agent Venom. You can find out more about them by clicking on their picture

Watch this video fort his amazing release of Symbiote Captain America thanks to Predator and Farengeit. Then take the following link to download and talk about it here: Symbiote Captain America released by Predator and Farengeit

Chuchoryu has done it again!! First he has update 3 of his popular characters in Juri Han, MK Liu Kang, and C.Viper. But that is not all. He has released with them all new characters in his Naruto and Slash from TMNT. Clicking on the image will take you to the topic

Check out all of these awesome brand-new Transformers WIPs courtesy of Angelus Silverhead

Full game news was the theme for Day 3. Then we had the full game beta of Super Smash Fighters released. One image will take you to the complete download, the other will take you to the individual links for all of the chars from the game by Ax. Most are updates, but there are new characters in Super Monkey Ball and The Master. In other news, check out malevka1's TMNT Slash WIP

Day 2 of our event was a very interesting and diverse one. First there was bradern666 majorly updating Poison Ivy. Then we had Ax with his release of Pac-Man. And finally, Fron84 revealed his amazing Ra's Al Ghul WIP. To find out more, click the corresponding picture

To begin this 3rd Annual event, logansam has graced us with the release of his amazing Superman New 52 character. To download and find out more, click …[/img(320px,180px):8f95][/img(320px,240px):8f95][/img(320px,240px):8f95][/img(79px,100px):8f95][/img(75px,115px):8f95][/img(620px,280px):8f95]

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