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~ Happy 5th Birthday to MMV Celebration Event Main Topic; Ended After *21 Days*, Reply To Tell Us If You Enjoyed It ~
May 31st 2017, 3:28 pm by Adminbot

MMV is celebrating it's 5th birthday regarding the creation of this forum community and we will be giving you all of the gifts. This topic will keep you up to date on everything.

So please give your birthday wishes and anything else you would like to say in reply


Our 5th Birthday Event comes to an end with a bang with a major release of Vision by Arkady. Watch the video, then go talk about it all at: Vision by Arkady released for Finale of MMV's 5th Birthday Event

One of our most anticipated Marvel projects is now available after the release of the movie version of Blade by fede de 10 and borewood2013. Click his image to find the download topic and discuss the release

Another super secret surprise of a classic Batman villain icon is now available for your Mugen because of Penguin by Shining, asterione, and volzzilla released

One of Arkady's most highly anticipated projects is now available for your Mugen with the release of Heimdall, a friend of Thor's from Asgard. Find out more from: Heimdall by Arkady released for MMV's 5th Birthday

Arkady did his typical Mugen magic, along with regisc to bring the long awaited Spiderman villain to your Mugen with: The Lizard by regisc and Arkady released for MMV's 5th Birthday

logansam kicked off the festivities with the release of a long awaited character with his War Machine. The image is hyperlinked to the download topic

NinjaBrl did it again with a surprise release, this time from DC comics regarding:
Power Girl by NinjaBrl released for MMV's 5th Birthday

Surprise release today for you from NinjaBrl who gives you a character from Guardians of the Galaxy with:
Moondragon (Marvel) by NinjaBrl released for MMV's 5th Birthday

Day nine of our event brought you two cool releases. One of the best characters from last year in Ghost Rider got a significant update from Dark Rider. The Erix made a great X-Men related stage based on the Friends of Humanity. When you click their representative image, you'll be taken to their respective topics

The best custom Ryu in the entire Mugen Community is now available to download for you because of it's release for MMV's Birthday by LESSARD. Congratulate him and discuss the character at: Shin Ryu v2.0 by LESSARD released

Three very cool characters are now available for your Mugen. The first is Luke Skywalker, made from custom sprites with some great coding by Fabry Taz. The next is a completely custom Akuma made by duracelleur. And finally, Killer Instinct now has it's best Mugen representative in years with Fabry Taz's release of Fulgore. Clicking the respective images will take you to their release topic

Our first of many surprises came in the form of odin123 releasing Katana from Suicide Squad. Watch the video and then go to this topic: Katana (Suicide Squad) released by odin123

Ever wanted a full game version of Resident Evil? Now you have one courtesy of FlavioCamarao which you can download when you click the image

A pair of stages with Amalgam and Watchmen themes released by LESSARD can be found when clicking the preview image

Here is a unique character from the Justice League Unlimited cartoon thanks to carpa5 and MDS_Geist that you can find out more from: Galatea (Superman Universe) by carpa5 and MDS_Geist released

The Erix is really great at making comic related stages and he has done it again with the release of the Madripoor by Night stage. Click the image to download and discuss it more

Surprise release for you courtesy of Varia releasing Hibana from the game Nightshade for your Mugen at: Hibana from Nightshade released by Varia

Pretty cool stage for you related to Darkseid made by Dj Luke when you click the above picture

Thank you to MatreroG for releasing this stage pack (3 total) he calls Metal Trilogy

A pretty cool screenpack based on Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite is available for you all from Mazemerald. Click the image for more information

A character on many people's wish-list to be Mugenized has been revealed as a project + video preview in: WIP Reveal w/ video preview: The Penguin by Shining, asterione & volzzilla

chuchoryu shows up to celebrate MMV's birthday with the release of CVS El Fuerte, K9999, Oni Upgrade and the demo of Marduk. Each corresponding image hyperlinks to the download topic

Two very cool stages released on finale day of our 5th Birthday event. We have Shining's edited DC stage and a Namco Super Heroes stage by borewood2013. Click the images to go to the corresponding topic

Here is a DC Comics stage back from err8107 you can get when clicking the preview

One of the best creators here at MMV is showing off a video of his next passion project in: Diddy Kong video preview by Varia the Hunter

LESSARD showed off a ton of projects today, all with video previews. From Kilowog with skhsato123, Triborg with Carnage777 & Fabry Taz, to his own Eddy Gordo project. Each image above goes to the corresponding topic for more info

Everyone loves Groot. Well, he is closer to being in your Mugen thanks to regisc and you can check his progress at:
Groot by regisc video preview

Two custom Capcom characters are now available for your Mugen thanks to Gladiacloud releasing Ton Pooh and Andywho releasing Strider S.H.A.D.E. You can find out more by clicking the respective images above

Check out the latest video preview of this character from the Guardians of the Galaxy storylines in:
Video Preview of Mantis by regisc

Here are some great WIP Reveals for you all-new as part of our Birthday event. The latest great WIP team-up between Predator and Arkady has now been revealed to you all with their Shadow King project. Check out this cool new project by Dark Rider where he is creating Superman with SNK styled sprite-editing. Finally here is fede de 10 doing a major revamp of Squirrel Girl. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur by Shining will be something you will enjoy after it is completed. The images above all link to the corresponding topics for more information

Fabry Taz is showing off another cool video with: Rock Lee by Fabry Taz video preview

Angelus Silvehead wanted to give you all some Mugen project news on his Venom revamp and Superboy Prime in the topic hyperlinked to in the preview

Be sure to check out shksato123's re-design of Atrocitus seen in a video preview


Other announcements/content
Shiruzato releases numerous custom Sonic Universe character edits
Natsu from Rival Schools released by chuchoryu
IkuTronHD releases Tenshi
Scorpion (Marvel) by bam77 available for download
err8107 releases Batman vs. Superman stage
Neji video preview by Fabry Taz
Scavenger Hunt Game To Get a Hint Of A Release
Varia the Hunter updates Sweet Tooth
Scavenger Hunt Game #2 for a Release Hint
Video preview of TMNT's Nightfall by malevka1
WIP News on Phoenix Cyclops, Wonder Twins, Toyman, Domino and Mojo from volzzilla
Mazemerald shows off his MvC Infinite stage projects
Scavenger Hunt Game #3 for Hint of Finale Release

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Comments: 108
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